Friday, 29 March 2013

The cranes on the lake Tåkern.......

I live not far from the lake Tåkern .. which is a landing spot for many birds to rest before they go further up in the country and breed.

This year spring is cruelly late and we still have zero temperatures (Celsius) so that the birds are delayed.
It's been a long cold winter this year, and let us hope that the spring and the birds will come soon. Now, I like to wish you all an Happy Easter !

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sex in Second life.....?

I feel like an idiot. Is it so that sex is the main topic of Second Life? Then I wasted 6 years in this domain.
Because I thought it was to meet people and exchange cultural values ​​was the primary with this game.
Then if one meets someone and have some nice pixles sex ,when you are in love and become romantic's is a wonderful experience, right? And if this can give you some happiness its more the ok.

 But SEX is what counts, the harder and the more complicated with several people and several version, I do not really understand!
Am I wrong?

From the beginning, this was no Dating-Site, but a fun experience to meet other people from different parts of the world ........awwww.

 I feel like a cheer-bitch!

Answer please...... let me know about your own experiences ..... let this be
one discussion forums before Easter!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter fun at Chat Noir............!

Go to Chat Noir  and enjoy some Easter fun outside the club! Open from today to the 2nd Apri

Peep race track
Bring with your friends and compete with them to see who wins the  Peep race.

Peep horse
or you can all dance together in Bunny Hope......


do jump with bouncy bunny......and Intean dance ball is outside if you like some ordinare dance...all is up to your self........have fun!


I love Easter and its food and SNAPS very much......Here you can read my favorite shot ...!

Not only crayfish kräfva these drinks. Midsummer, Christmas and Easter - snaps are always there for company, even without crayfish. Try making your own shot - it's easier than you think.
Schnapps has a long Swedish history. Filled with drama and myths. Many traditional varieties snaps and flavors available to choose from. You can also find recipes on their snaps and suggestions on flavors.
Previously it was thought the snapsens healing effect. At earache poured schnapps in the ear. When abdominal pain in my stomach. Often they took a shot as a precaution. Plain was also a drink to wake up, one at the coffee break, lunch, break, dinner and finally a shot to fall asleep.
Not so anymore. Today we have only bad "ölsinne" as they say, on Fridays and holidays. As midsummer. Was no drinking too much before there was only one cure - liksupen - to drink alcohol with flavor in a corpse a few days. So take it easy ...

Homemade bitter with wormwood. Wormwood is a kalssisk aquavit spice that gives nice color and mellow bitterness. As a medicinal herb, the wormwood tradioner back to the Greeks, most against stomach problems. Wormwood contains thujone which is said to have been used to absinte and affects the nervous system. Further flavored with wormwood also vermouth.

In the 1800s a Swedish drank an average of 46 liters of spirits. Prices were low and one in ten households had a home distillation apparatus. To reduce the happy drinking was introduced ration book. A rather unfair system where highly respected people got the spirit of "representation" as it is so well named. Others had to save for months to be able to invite to a party. When you think about it has not so much changed.
Food and drink do not have the same status as before. Sooner boasted man "guilds" with a lot of booze and sumptuous table. Today we have cars, houses and boats to show up. But the Swedish midsummer traditions we celebrate anyway with pride. So come on, do not worry about buying a new car - bid on good food and drink instead of good friends. Source: Eg Wine & Spirits Historical Museum.

Glad Påsk!



Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Easter!..Glad Paask!

To all of you!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'll be back soon.....!

Currently, I have a hard time writing on the blog because of the of the cold weather and stiff winds in Sweden affecting my disease, Rheumatoid arthritis.

But today is the "spring equinox" here in the Nordic countrieshopefully the weather and my skills are getting better.
Wich means that I will soon be back with some great news and pictures.

Upcoming events that I know of is Kickis and Jonny's wedding, where I have been honored to be
Kicki`s bridesmaid.
Today I'm going out and shopping in Sl an emerald green dress to wear at her wedding.

Have a good time so far!


Monday, 18 March 2013

Yesterday's Party S.t Patrick's Day

 Thank you all a lovely sight to see all of yours wonderful creations in green.

Winner of the competition was Iendi and congratulations to you!

Safir & Zowie
Ix & Liz
Dj: rultan
Lelle he was charmed by the green Beer
Kicki & Jonny
Hosts Andreas & Ewa
Laser effects
to the next year ... well met!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

St: Patric`s Day Club Chat Noir tO NIGHT 21.00 CET...

Gáir mhór agus anocht fáilte a chur roimh Club Comhrá Noir, agus a feast delicious craos de seacláide agus beoir glas roimh oibriú na Cásca druidim!

(Cheers and welcome tonight to Club Chat Noir, and a delicious feast of gluttony of chocolate and green beer before operating Easter approaching!)

Contestboard 400l: Best in irish or green outfit.

DJ: Rultan Zeplin

Host: Ewa Aska



Saturday, 16 March 2013

Come and be my guest on Sunday, March 17 21.00cet

Dress in green or Irish compete for best outfit. Contestboard 400l to win.

Chat Noir St. Patrics Day

Click and receive a green hat and a green glass of beer!

Dance Riverdance or couples dancing. All in the Intan danceball.

Spend an evening with DJ Rultan and me on Sunday night.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dragon Liars ...Friday 15 Mars 22.00 CET

HOTSROCK on Stages.............................After DJ Micael will spin his music
Hardrock and metal.....

(sim is restarted)
in the Club Dargon Liars.

Club Dragon Lairs

Host for the event...Ewa Aska (so load the pockets with LOTS of LINDEN DOLLARS ... FOR THE TIPS ............... HEHE! joke ok!)


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Information about upcoming events ......

At the SVAMPEN(the mushroom) tonight playing DJ rultan lovely 1960 Century songs .. like "Strangers in the night "... or Chris Baber "Petite fleur", put on your mini skirt a la Mary Quant and hairstyle ........ yeaaaaaaa..... (LM in rultan Zeplins Profil.

Dragon Lairs Friday at 1pmslt or 22:00 so do HOTSROCK another attempt to do the show.We hope no greifers will destroy this time.

DJ Michale Adoubakar
Host: Ewa Aska
(Guaranteed HardRock and Metal ... pfffff. But I will do my best .... put on my headphones with comfortable balader .. kidding)

Sunday March 17 St. Patrick's Day at Chat Noir! 12pmslt/21.00cet.

DJ rultan
Host: Ewa
and lots of Irish music mixed with other tunes.
( couple-ball is loades whit with River Dance ....... so try)


Sunday, 10 March 2013

I become lyrical over beautifully constructed places in SL ...

This morning I was around and found an absolutely amazing place with exquisite taste for detail.

This makes me so happy and so immediately my brain starts to create something .ehh..... what opportunities we have in this Second Life to express our innermost ideas.

The place name is Hazardous.
I just have to share with you my experience today, to all of you ... enjoy!



Hotsrock retry again on Michael`s...... Club Dragon Liars! FRIDAY 15th Mars 1pmslt/22.00cet!
after he will DJ and spinn lots of Metal/hardrock tunes. Welcome!
(Sure to previous rumors, Andreas have separeted from me).

Friday, 8 March 2013

Pool-Party.........Saturday 9 Mars.

Yeaaaaaaa put on your Bikini or Bermuda pants, came over at 5am to Chat Noir roof ..take the elevetor up to 3th level.

 Swim, sunbathe, drink lot of good cocktails, dancing or just feel good for a while in the afternoon.

In all simplicity!

The pool is ready are you?

(Teleporter in Ewas profile under pics).



Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Forthcoming Shows in March...............


Dance in romanticism to the tones of Martini in morning. Wednesday 13th Mars 12pmslt-21.00cet.
Dresscode: Formal
Contestboard 500l:Best in
Hosts: Andrew & Ewa

Bring your partner dress up and bring your friend or loved one and spend the evening with us in a cozy environment.
Take the elevator up and stair down to the dance floor.
Hots Rock again......................................we try hard this time, no greifers and sim restarted.
Friday, March 15
More info comming up!

Club le Chat Noir Sunday Mars 17th 12pmslt.
Deresscode 300l: Best in irish or green.
DJ:rultan Zeplin and this particular evening........Riverdance on line or dancing ball.

Wednesday 27th Mars 12pmslt-21
Dance in romanticism to the tones of Martini in morning.
Dresscode 500l:Best in formal
Hosts: Andreas & Ewa

Bring your partner dress up and bring your friend or loved one and spend the evening with us in a cozy environment.
Take the elevator up and stair down to the dance floor.
Sunday 31th 12pmslt Club le Chat Noir.

Is it time for the men's own stripteas evening without female guests ....... men's evening just for you sweethearts.
No dresscode, come as you are!
DJ Alfdeejay playing all sorts of sexy songs to make it easier stripping of the girls........!
Hosts: Andreas, Rultan och Ewa.
(ofcouse there will be MIXED night for stripteas opend for all our planning)

Monday, 4 March 2013

The guys took us by storm ....

Today I am very proud of the four guys who danced and stripped at the poles during Ladies Night.

They could not have done it better........mmmuuuaaahhh.





Tricky one of our new acquaintances.

one of my most faithful recurring events friends, ever since Tara Sim, I think actually since Icehotel are allwayd welcome Kypalina.



 Effy, Suezette and Fia

to the women's delight it became public dance together whit four naked men, and DJ rultans (great choice of music, rultan eloge from Andreas and me) appropriate music for LADIES NIGHT.
Ashok, Micheal, Jonny and Thomas
Dj rultan, Ashok and Thomas

 Michel, Tricky and Ashok
Kicki and Jonny


 our  guests and the hosts.

and the evening ended as it should be ..... with linedance.
O:B:S: Next Ladies Night will be 7th April 12pmslt "men in uniform" line up ladies!



at Club le Chat Noir.....Formal dresscode that night, Contest board.....romance dancing to Martini in the morning.

Hosts that evning Andreas and Ewa....welcome!





Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely