Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sex in Second life.....?

I feel like an idiot. Is it so that sex is the main topic of Second Life? Then I wasted 6 years in this domain.
Because I thought it was to meet people and exchange cultural values ​​was the primary with this game.
Then if one meets someone and have some nice pixles sex ,when you are in love and become romantic's is a wonderful experience, right? And if this can give you some happiness its more the ok.

 But SEX is what counts, the harder and the more complicated with several people and several version, I do not really understand!
Am I wrong?

From the beginning, this was no Dating-Site, but a fun experience to meet other people from different parts of the world ........awwww.

 I feel like a cheer-bitch!

Answer please...... let me know about your own experiences ..... let this be
one discussion forums before Easter!



  1. I´m practically a virgin.

    1. Need some help Apmel.....I'm

  2. I understand that many are here just for the sex...looking at profiles gives you nightmares...there's a lots of sex-groups, all of the kind. One of the most disgusting is "Father love daughter's group", and it's NOT the parent-love...

    And all of this sex-talk in local..please hold your sex-life private, all of us are really not interested!!! Do you usually talk like that when you are in your food-store in RL too?? Or flirting with occupied men/women especially when BF/GF also are at the same place?'s a well-known fenomen that people gets mad when they are anonymous...

    But fortunately not all are so sex-focused, and I think the majority of SL Residents are persons who just like to meet people, build and/or explore Second Life :)

  3. Lets hope it as you write.......



Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
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