Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Walpurgis Night all over Europa..................!

On the eve of the festival, huge bonfires, which should be lighted by striking two flints together, blaze on all the hills and knolls.
Walpurgis fire in Sweden

must include this image of Selma from Second Life at Walpurgs night 2010 and wish you all a pleasant

And now a reminder to all actors in the WEST SIDE STORY!

We are meeting tomorrow in the theater ..... for you if it is possible we will start already at 20.00 or 11am/slt at the theater.
We will get music on Wednesday's reheasal ...... yes!
During the evening, I will send out FIRST ACT, complete with subtitles (dialog).To all of you who participated.
Some tips to copy the dialogues into your own inventory:

1: locate ACT ONE Ewas and open it so you have it on your own screen.

2: locate the little text icon that is current for the scenery,  right-click it, and go to YOUR inventory and open TAG RECENT ... where you will find the dialogue during NOTECARD.

3: click on the NOTECARD and you find current text icon, and click again you'll have on YOUR sceen.

4: copy and paste a sentence at a time to chat, and it had to go reasonably quickly.
Try practicing this so we save lot of time for enjoyable practice. Thank you!    

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Yesterday it was time for wedding........

Between Kicki Spingflower and Jonny Bowler.


The nicely arranged and many guests, the bridal waltz was danced as it should be. And the provided each other with loevly vows.
I wish you all happiness in the future.........take care of each other.

whit love............good luck Mr & Mrs Bowler!

(Unfortunately, I crashed while attempting to take photos during the wedding, so I did not dare to continue)


Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I have only build scenery for quite a while, but now all the scene are done.
There are 12 different scenes and it has taken some time.

Working plattform
Hopefully the blog will get started again with reports of rehearsals about West Side Story!
I promised to inform your blog-reader about the missing actors / dancers.

Here comes some..but still lack a few,  Weny =Velma,  Polle=Indio and Officer Krupke.
Leeiana=Graziella one of the Jets
Andreas= Bernardo leader of the Sharks & Doc
Ingmar=Pepe one of the sharks

There has been a small setback because Alfdeejay can not train with us Rl put a stop for it. 
Anyway, the best of this is that Rultan becomes boss over all the music, which pleases me immensely and makes me very calm...........mmmuuuaaahh!
I have started a group "Off-Broadway" a group for public and sponsor just for information when we play around SL, and that I know will do later!
Just join help us spread the word about musicale.

First sim I advertised on closed to a HUB, but there will be more.
We rehearsel tonight whit music for first time................Giddy up!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Team dynamics..............

The factor to be reckoned with, when you start a big project.

But this is not a real world this is Second Life have I been told, so you should probably expect that this will happen every now and then.

Unfortunately is DJ Alfdeejay defected to work during Wednesdays in rl and unable to attend.....
sad but thats so.
If you feel and like to be responsible for music so contact me or rultan Zeplin.

I also lack an actor for the role of Bernardo the leader for the Sharks, call me.

But now the nice things ....... evening reheasal went better than expected and I'm so happy for all disciplined actors ... bodes well for our show.

Thank you all..well done!


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Yesterday was the J-party at Apollon`s Bar...

As usual, the people who were dancing and talking in chat .......

One can not say that the talks are an especially high level ..... but that's the fun.
There is much giggling and nonsen talk about this and that.


But I think that bar's staff serve drinks that people became a little over refreshed!

Em, Ehem and Betty

Club owner Apollon.

Aake, Andreas and my self
the J -himself!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Yes I know it's Friday now........

I forgot to take pictures of the rehearsal, but I have a few actors to upload photos on today.

Some are still missing but they will shaw up ! First.....


Micael Aboubakar has turned down the show because of all Dj job he feels needs to be done.

But I thank you Mic for your participation and good luck with DJ work.

At the same time we got a new actor Ingmar88 (photo as soon as possible) I think also he's Norwegian, so it was a perfect replacement. Welcome Ingmar88!

Alfdeejay=Officer Krupke

Our eminent music director is Alfdeejay which feel very promising, and back-up by rultan Zeplin .. hurray! He also have a small part in the show Officer Krupke....the moste happy and fun scene in the show.

Next actor is Anybody one of the
is charlotte Rhino which makes me very happy, because Lotta has participated in previous shows as Cabarè etc. thogether with rultan Zeplin and knows the SI show operates. Welcome Lotta!
Still missing Garziella, Bernardo Pepe and Indio. Comming up next time!
One of the scene Highway where the Rumble is in progress.

keep going we do!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ohh now it was a long time ago ......

but now .. it will happen many things ......!

This  CLUB included stripping and lapdance probably was not my thing after all.
In boxes with all the stuff from the Chat Noir .. for the future, who knows, I might become a bordello mother laters?

But now I've found a new project and managed to get me 15 Avatars to dance and copy / paste in chat .... there you are!

We will jointly set up a MUSICAL!



Clearly it can be done!
The nice thing is that we have a proliferation of players from all around Europe and the U.S..
Scen 1 Director her self.

Assistent director rultan Zeplin = Maria (Sweden)

Tony= Gertjan koenkamp (Holland)

Riff=Loungelion Beaumont (Sweden)

Consuelo=Em Arabello (Norway)
Pepe=Micael Aboubakar (Norway)

Vilma= Loo Berensohn (Sweden)
Chino= Danne Guardian (Sweden)
Rosalia= Dorina Landar (Hungary)
The other Diesel, Graziella, Anybody, Bernardo, Indio and Anita .... will be presented on Thursday.
One more thing .... all the actors will invite you to a sponsor group for the audience, so just take the group if any active invite you.
The sponsor group are !!Off-Broadway!!

and of course, we need all of you dear audience to feel that what we do is appreciated! ..
Thanks in advance.

Monday, 1 April 2013

West side story.............!

Now is the time to make litte funny stuff in Second Life.

Shall we try on a musical with a bunch of beautiful avatars.Why not, it can not go wrong.

 Said and done, I started a group and felt of interest.

Amazing 14 people are involved and will pursue this to a 5 musical acts .... wowww.

Scen No:1

I am so grateful for your interest. We start the first rehearsal on Wednesday, April 3. Very chipping.

(rehearsal every wednesday 21.00-22.30/cet or monday if you are buzy with RL reasons)
After Wednesday I will present the role of the participants the all have to do a tough audition ..... smile.
In this moment, I lack ONE avatar  for the play, it have to be man or woman who has male avatar shape, Welcome if you are interested and just instant messages me.


Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely