Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I have only build scenery for quite a while, but now all the scene are done.
There are 12 different scenes and it has taken some time.

Working plattform
Hopefully the blog will get started again with reports of rehearsals about West Side Story!
I promised to inform your blog-reader about the missing actors / dancers.

Here comes some..but still lack a few,  Weny =Velma,  Polle=Indio and Officer Krupke.
Leeiana=Graziella one of the Jets
Andreas= Bernardo leader of the Sharks & Doc
Ingmar=Pepe one of the sharks

There has been a small setback because Alfdeejay can not train with us Rl put a stop for it. 
Anyway, the best of this is that Rultan becomes boss over all the music, which pleases me immensely and makes me very calm...........mmmuuuaaahh!
I have started a group "Off-Broadway" a group for public and sponsor just for information when we play around SL, and that I know will do later!
Just join help us spread the word about musicale.

First sim I advertised on closed to a HUB, but there will be more.
We rehearsel tonight whit music for first time................Giddy up!

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