Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Boooo hugs!

Se you all in 2015 hugs!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day!

Little anecdote is that in country of Sweden time 15.00 actually stops all human activityfor because of a great tradition, which means everyone (90% of the population) like to watch the TV program Kalle Ankas Jul/From All of Us to All of You: Merry Merry Christmas.
Pretty amazing, and this has been going on since 1960.

Kalles jul
I myself had a peaceful and restful Christmas Eve, I felt the need to log in to Second Life just looking round in the cyber world, after midnight.
Dress with a red outfit, which itself carries this evening.
Me TP away to a classical music venue, did not want to break my "Hallelujah" mood with pop or rock ....... eh.
I think it was a good idea....the place was full of amazing people in fantastics outfits.


 time to go to sweetheart was at sea. For that reason I dance Viennese waltz with myself, went great to use roller skates anima ....... lol!



Monday, 22 December 2014

Wooooowww Vacation !!!

Hehe this was a longggggggg vacation, approximately 6 months. But after the new year I will try to raise my blog again. And share with you what is happening in my Sl. Eight years in Sl and still loves it.
One thing I can already honk for, and it's premiere of the new musical "Stop the world I want to get off." It was first played in London in 1961 and I was at the premiere there ......., anno datzumal.
It was written by Anthony Newley and DJ Tilli plays original music with vocals by Anthony himself. Great music and lyrics of musical still quite clear even today.
Book yourself on January 10th 2015 at 20:00 CET.


If you wondering where West Side Story went away. The DJ got  major problems and left SL. No musical without a DJ, for sure. But I have all things left in a box, scenes poetry etc etc and my actors are still whit me and acting in the new musical.....perfect!
To all of you from me.........

Se you all soon!

Friday, 13 June 2014


Hope you all have a great holiday ...... The blog is taking a vacation, as well as me. Both for a nice relaxing summer and I`m going to move in the real world. See you in September ..... I will only be online to pay my Off-Broadway Theater rent. See you!

Ciaoo Tutti!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Ohh I found MY PARADISE!

Friends who know me well, know how important my piano is for me. To have in my home in Sl.
I've just found "My Paradise" .... You are always welcome on a Pinja Colada drink or beer .. Im just me .... I Tp you .........!
I'm a little excited, tomorrow night I'll "Date" an old / new friend. We have never date before. Exciting. Now I need a beauty sleep. So I will  look good tomorrow evening. Hehe ...this was actually a great upcoming event ... so long!
Nattis nattis!

Summer last Blog.........

It ends as it should, whit a BBQ party. DJ Rultan is to be trusted, she is always well prepared and make a fantastic job.
We start whit some white foam

over to some Pink foam
Kicki, Liz, Lena and Ingmar


Lena & GJ

Linlugg and Sotlugg two dolls in a Swedish fairy tale .. or?

Danne, he did stripp to a minimal tanga after a short time...muaahhh!

Jake to left

Bock allways nice to have you here..hugs!

It was a small, but lovely crowd of avatars on my last season party.
Fully understandable to get people to log in to SL, the "Raptur of time".
The Withsun and Pentecost.
 I and a few with me, was very surprised when some chatting and declared themself´s to showed there stupidity of unaware this great Christian holiday, "what is Pentecost" in the "Swedish Group in SL". One may wonder what of a REAL WORLD they live in. Not by our contemporary era and calendar!
Now take Aska's blog vacation until September. Only if there is something extra fun, maybe we'll see.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

National Day ....... what a party ...!

It was a long time since I saw such a large group of dancing avatars, they all came to the celebration of Sweden's National Day, at Alf and Rultans place Avalon.
I did my best to take pictures of so many nice avatars as possible. And most were dressed in the Swedish national costume ....(help, I did not find my nationaldress in my inventory, put on something else)... Wonderful to see all waving in the dances with their flag.
Here is some evidence .......

Bejiita, Apollon and a lady on floor
a guy

Evning DJ Alf and Rultan
a scary Japanesee guy

Linus the evning host
Gustav & Hasina

the photographer with a great cavalier
good that I didn`t find my national dressbecause my cavalier came in tuxedos .....

Friday, 6 June 2014

Sweden (Flag Day) National Day

National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag) is a national holiday observed in Sweden on 6 June every year. Prior to 1983, the day was celebrated as Svenska flaggans dag (Swedish flag day). At that time, the day was renamed to the national day by the Riksdag . In 2005 it became a public holiday.

To sew a Swedish flag, here are the
The tradition of celebrating this date began 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in honour of the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden.
Some question the validity of this as a national holiday, as it was not observed as a holiday until decades later. However this event does signify the end of the Danish-ruled Kalmar Union, so in a sense it is a marking of Swedish independence.
Go Sweden!
For tomorrow`s party, June 7th, I'll send out invites with Landmark in the evening on June 6.

Are you familiar with SL "MAP" you can enter ARICO under FIND and 44.167.25 and then you have "LOCATION".


Thursday, 5 June 2014


It will be so nice to have a party again. It was quite long time since last party.
I have dug deep into the inventory and found a foam-balloon.
It will be up, so we can all take a bath in the foam, tested it and now it`s up for Saturday.
looks like the Swedish flag
I also look forward to seeing everyone here, to have a good time together and listen to music played by DJ Rultan.
The invitation comes again and this time with a

See you on Saturday, June 7 at 15:00 cet-


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I can feel everything is over...........

Now you may ask what is "over" ..... Well into relationship with a certain man in Sl, a good gentleman, a good lover, a good friend, BUT, sometimes it does not help .
  Although we called Sl `s" Liz and Rick "sometimes. Therefore, we went in and out of our relationship for almost 2 years time.

Liz & Burton
Yes we have had a wonderful time together, between turns, anger, infidelity, etc.
But now it's over. My ex boyfriend has rediscovered himself from his illness, now he feel as still going strong, and I feel really good. It also makes me feel immensely happy. I actually think I was a great help during his difficult time, perhaps, maybe using my proffestion in Rl.
In a way it feels a little weird to hear his words or sentence, "Ewa we still have to go along, and I want to feel the solidarity you have with (Robban your brother) in Sl. The community you have had so long together, without complications, whit him. I wud love that Ewa whit you!
What can a women anser to that?? Tell me


Friday, 30 May 2014

Two ladies with an endless amount of "gossip".....!

Ideal time to meet, first because Rultan will make my poster for my afternoon party on June 7, and secondly, none of us were directly interested in searching a larger group of community.
In the same time I felt good to show off my new home .. where the party will be holding on June 7th.
First we started to smoke a little on the water pipe, to reach greater heights...wooww.

now tiptop to put on some Bollywood music, dance begins with quivering legs and head seemed to belong to another world .... muaaaaaaaahhh!

the water in the pipe sucks, and our mouths became dry, a bit strange when it was water pipe ..... lol.

does not her eyes  look a little shady ?

Time for some "green" tea

we were pretty exhausted from all the dancing, smoking, tea drinking and we felt like a moment on the terrace would be a good option now.
The sunset was brilliant when we were small talked, in the midst of our discussion came a message from Polle, "like some company?"
 Sure came over .... we said.
Clear Polle needed some "uppers", so we sent him down to get a good smoke.
The evening continued with some talk about old times, and ended with everyone went home to his or her place.....poffff offline. Night!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

It is time for new times....................!

The wind is favorable winds, if we turn our face to the wind and just feel it.
In Rl smell the lilacs, apple blossoms and greenery is huge.
In Sl old friends sends over some nice chatt.  It give a snap and brings back mind from "times gone by".
Like today for example, me and my old friend Herman Bergson trayed the golf course, took it in stages ....... but ohh what rusty we were .. here need more training ... ops!
herman first tee

well, well! herman hmm



hmmmm herman won
Sometimes we have to let the men win ..... for the sake of peacefulness ... right ladies!
(I beat him next
So whats coming up soon?....... A party yes..Saturday June 7th afternoonparty 15-17cet/ 6am-8am sl at my place......mark you agenda. Invit comming soon, full sim, no limits fro people.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yep .... just so ............!

All troop members are clearly recognized by waiting for the premiere of West Side Story, until the autumn. All throughout the ensemble have done their homwork and know exact when and how, and in what manner they should make their entrances. What we need later are some repetitions to refresh your memory, no problem. They have all "lived" with WSS in over a year. Allmost once a week.
I have been in contact with lasse our musical director, he will inform us as soon as he has the ability and strength to do so ..... and our thoughts are with him.
In some way has to go on.

Allowing the ensemble to be completely inactivity's impossible. I introduced a new idee and they bought it ... glorious... We are starting a new musical ..... HAIR!
I think the time is right for a bit fuzzy, flower power, and overall long-haired men, dancing, dab of tambourines and to forget the outside world for some moment. (There are countries in the real world, which actually creates a reckless unrest against his neighbors).
Hair is a musical, with beautiful colors, great music and a story that even resembles the current situation ................. right!
Pick from Milos Forman film
 The major roles are obsessed, but do you want to be part of a great team .... please contact me via SL. Is always room for more.

Friday, 16 May 2014

The Day of Sorrow...........

My thought was that since the last blog that deals with some bad things, I wanted to write about something nice and enjoyable.
But sometimes life is not always as you want

 I want to dedicate this blog to a little girl with great energy and spirit. "Sippan Cherry" SIppanCherry Resident. The owner of Cherry Tenants, Cherry Sailor Cherry, together whit Liz Cherry (Liz Kalinakov) och Ingmar

(Ingmar88 Resident).
She also ran the Cherry Town with her father lasse. Sippan was a clever, stubborn and thick skin girl in many respects. But when it came to its physical tendency, it was so much worse. She struggled through many difficulties and doctor visits. Come back as energetic each time, until now.

Sippan died a day ago because of the many severe complexities, and her the immune system could not cope with the complications

There are many who want to remember this happy, life-loving little girl, at the same time I want to give a thought to Liz, Ingmar which has in a long time worked by her side. These three persons met in another game before they discovered Second Life.
 I think and I like to say Sippan during their disease found a life that gave her joy along with Liz and Ingmar.

 I met Sippan trough Ingmar one of the actor in West Side Story musical. The whole ensemble and me, met her dad who is our DJ for musicalen. Exact equal are the daughter and father full of energy and spirit, so I understand what Sippan got his fighting spirit from.

 Now we all must give us time to mourn. Life can be unfair, when a 24-year old young girl has to leave us, but the memory will remain ...........
and we have to let time do its jobb.
Dear ones.. little girl!

(picture on Sippan in real is from Cherry Town)

Good Night!


Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely