Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day!

Little anecdote is that in country of Sweden time 15.00 actually stops all human activityfor because of a great tradition, which means everyone (90% of the population) like to watch the TV program Kalle Ankas Jul/From All of Us to All of You: Merry Merry Christmas.
Pretty amazing, and this has been going on since 1960.

Kalles jul
I myself had a peaceful and restful Christmas Eve, I felt the need to log in to Second Life just looking round in the cyber world, after midnight.
Dress with a red outfit, which itself carries this evening.
Me TP away to a classical music venue, did not want to break my "Hallelujah" mood with pop or rock ....... eh.
I think it was a good idea....the place was full of amazing people in fantastics outfits.


 time to go to sweetheart was at sea. For that reason I dance Viennese waltz with myself, went great to use roller skates anima ....... lol!



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