Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The show must go one.................!

When I was studying for my degree in behavioral science, I read a lot about group dynamics.
So I'm not at all surprised that some leaves West Side Story show of the ensemble for various reasons.

It is rubbing our departure, and finally the group will finde sense and community.
Sweden is a major pioneer in the way of dealing with group relationships, we are conveniently born into the group, in kindergarten, leisure, schools and associations.
For that reason, I am no suporter to always be part of a group becoause........ I think we all need "me time" every now and then in order to know itself.

Now I come to the kernel point, some have left, and I have made ​​some changes.
The major roles are played by Babi (from Germany) = Riff, Dorina (from Hungary) = Maria which feels much confidence.

Ingmar (from Sweden) = Bernardo, Weny (from Sweden) = Anita. Gertjan (from Holland) = Tony and Charlotte (from Switzerland) = Anybody.
Bejiita (from Sweden) = will have a greater role and also Em (from Norway).
These are the leading rolesthera are ​​some small roles, but these can be easily filled in the fall.

And now for more fun things that happened ......A new beautiful theater located on ground level.

As should be decorated and customized scenes.
Headlights shall be set up and regulate. An additional barrier is in place.
And finally .... the show's talented Music Managers Rultan looking for a special huddles for us to talk confidentially within the ensemble.


We already have a microphone that now stretches 90 meters, so the audience can quietly sit in the lounge and enjoy all the fine actors.

After all down and picking up the items I needed "me time" ........ muaaaaaaaahhhh.


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