Friday, 3 May 2013

I must have cork in my head........

Because I floated up again after the jaw bang. Much thanks to my wonderful support spirit friends Rultan and Iendi. Thanks dears ........Just realize that the friends consists​​, but "love" objects come and go.
Maybe I can get lucky again ....... should probably go to a soothsayer ..... look at my future,smile.

Jag wrote for one......muuaahh

Afterwards, I played on my beloved piano that has been with me all the moves since June 2007 ..... pretty amazing. The first thing I put up on all the new places on my new home. It makes me so calm.

I think I'm proposing to the piano, seems a bit more hard currency ... eehh! Enough with the self-pity.

Back to West Side Story..........

First, we have a 2 new player that will play Anita and Bernardo. Serious and good people ... Weny as Anita and Ingmar as Bernardo .... feels damn good.

After the chaos, I have learned to structure better so that others can understand and not just me. You always learn something .... hehe.

WSS will continue and more info comming........its time to put on TV .....its Hockey WM .
Yes my favorit sport!



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