Tuesday, 28 May 2013

West Side Story Act 1 is taking shape ..

Tomorrow Wednesday will be additional exciting, because it's like this.
Some of the good players are so amazing and stop by the theater and rehearsel for their own
Hug to you. .. awersome!

Then a little more encouraging news.

First I want to introduce the new member  Beragon Betts role one of the Jets gang, Diesel!
Coming from Texas, and will be a great compliment to Vawes who is from NewYork, anyway, they are both from the other side of the Atlantic.

Beragon Betts
We, or rather I have been a caregiver, Neofrost Steampunk from Sweden.

 Who has good experience in amateur theater in RL, he will give me feedback and other suportande data for the show in future.
Feels infamous nice to have some extra besides me and my best Music Managers Rultan.


Welcome both of you.

For you Actors, toworrow we will train on the scene 5 + 6. I send all information you need today.
A little fun and a curiosity? Do you ever play GREEDY naked with a friend ..... hehe? I have!
I lost, have to beat him later ..... smile!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Second life for better or worse ..........!

To day when I was worked to fix the theater spotlight one of the show's actors came to visiting me, for arrange some things for next Wednesday.
Suddely we started to talk about Second Life, how peoples experience is about and how people cope this strange game!

Is it a game? Or is it not a game? (Some people call SL for a deating site).

I was a bit saddened of what the person told me, and how this person felt to be a part of this. How bad experience could be, dependent on our different perceptions.
One thing I did learn from start was.......behind all avatar is a real person, whit real feelings and
you can never say....THIS IS JUST SECOND LIFE!

Many people say and write in their profiles ........ I'm here to have fun!
Sure you should have fun, but not through the expense of others.
I think in SL you need to be extra careful in your choice of words. It is very easy to misunderstand each other, as for example
words can have different meanings for us.
We lack sences, as I wrote earlier, two senses smell and touch, which is more important than sight and hearing.

The conversation we had at the theater gave a very bad taste, because I felt that the person suffered serious ill of what I was told. SL can be really cruel.

SL is not just a game ...... becouse SLcan also provide great opportunities for many people to experience an amazing world, and opportunity to do things they never could in RL.

During a visit in SL, I found this text .... a proverb it was as follows ......

"The only thing that is real in Second Life are our feelings"

Now I'll take my pillow and sleep. good night to you!



Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The show must go one.................!

When I was studying for my degree in behavioral science, I read a lot about group dynamics.
So I'm not at all surprised that some leaves West Side Story show of the ensemble for various reasons.

It is rubbing our departure, and finally the group will finde sense and community.
Sweden is a major pioneer in the way of dealing with group relationships, we are conveniently born into the group, in kindergarten, leisure, schools and associations.
For that reason, I am no suporter to always be part of a group becoause........ I think we all need "me time" every now and then in order to know itself.

Now I come to the kernel point, some have left, and I have made ​​some changes.
The major roles are played by Babi (from Germany) = Riff, Dorina (from Hungary) = Maria which feels much confidence.

Ingmar (from Sweden) = Bernardo, Weny (from Sweden) = Anita. Gertjan (from Holland) = Tony and Charlotte (from Switzerland) = Anybody.
Bejiita (from Sweden) = will have a greater role and also Em (from Norway).
These are the leading rolesthera are ​​some small roles, but these can be easily filled in the fall.

And now for more fun things that happened ......A new beautiful theater located on ground level.

As should be decorated and customized scenes.
Headlights shall be set up and regulate. An additional barrier is in place.
And finally .... the show's talented Music Managers Rultan looking for a special huddles for us to talk confidentially within the ensemble.


We already have a microphone that now stretches 90 meters, so the audience can quietly sit in the lounge and enjoy all the fine actors.

After all down and picking up the items I needed "me time" ........ muaaaaaaaahhhh.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yeaa now most of all events in RL are over .........!

Eurovision Song Festival luck happiness to Denmark well done!

The Winner

and next evnet...bigger for me then Eurovison............muaaaahh Ishockey WM!

Cloben LM Eriksson Arena
And   500 meters from the Globe, was my home from 0-15 years ages of old. Pretty memosies.
World Champions in Ice Hockey 2013 ......... yea!

Now is the time to focus on SL again, and more information in tomorrow Blog.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kicki`s rezzday..........!

It was action-packed and crowded at Kicki`s 3-years rezzday.

Kicki`s wharf

Kicki & Jonny

 Em & Ikaros

Betty, Bejiita

Miss Tie
AAke & Lena
Betty 2
Rultan & Alfen 
Mange Meck
Skorpan & Smulan


Friday, 10 May 2013

Spring first BBQ Party........

Now it was time for the first spring barbecue ...... smell of marinades spread over the district.

It was Betty Idler who send out an apropos about the party through Swedish club in Sl.

Unfortunately, I had trouble coming directly ... because Hubbe an old Sl friend came back from a prolonged absence in Sl, and I had to inform him about all the previous news Sl, and we were in deep discussion.
Therefore, we arrived later. And then... was all meat patties gone! .... Shirt!
Yes, you may blame yourself sometimes.

When we arrived there was only the hostess and Beji left. 
Hubbe and me.....

But the evening ended as it should be .. with a cold drink at the balcony at home.............. a great evening!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Tonight we rehearsal at 21.00cet........WSS

Some new ideas that will help us get better supervision. First, I will do all the scenes with the little directing work for on-and off stage and simultaneously entered all the text so everyone can join in every scene.
Rultan will take over all our commands for this and lead us to a good lead.

The theater has a new face and it is now up to 1500 m altitude in order to spend as little lag as possible.

Just click!
If you want you can stand and watch this loping board and you have all the scenes from 1 +2-12.

I look forward to seeing you all actors tonight .... welcome!


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Revelation is that possible....................?

Apparently, anything can happen in Seconds Life. Strange phenomena, one can be and also appear to be in a vacuum, and suddenly it HAPPENS?

Suddenly it happens!
Smile ...... to all Swedish readers I have not won on scratch lottery.....would love to.
This my blog, as it says in the Declaration and its present, it should reflect my time and experiences in SL.
And it did! Unfortunately, many times we walk around without looking and suddely find people that has always existed in one's vicinity. Could be because just then it`s susceptible, what do I know?
Very exciting. This is definitely an advantage for us Homo sapiens, unlike the animals that live most instincts. We can think......or?

What this leads to, hmm it is not known at all ....... but I must say it gave a kick and as I wrote earlier, luckily I had cork in the brain, so I could float up to the surface again, and the ability to see the world around me again ....... thanks life!

Cork ...... what association!
Muuuaaaahh I've been to Cork twice before Ireland made ​​its entry into the EU and once after. What an amazing difference. And what a wonderful country with a lot of friendly people.
Back to reality, Second Life ... hihi. In a while I'll meet rultan Zeplin, and we'll have music check for our show. Always rewarding, good music and we both cry a dash at each chekning ..




Friday, 3 May 2013

I must have cork in my head........

Because I floated up again after the jaw bang. Much thanks to my wonderful support spirit friends Rultan and Iendi. Thanks dears ........Just realize that the friends consists​​, but "love" objects come and go.
Maybe I can get lucky again ....... should probably go to a soothsayer ..... look at my future,smile.

Jag wrote for one......muuaahh

Afterwards, I played on my beloved piano that has been with me all the moves since June 2007 ..... pretty amazing. The first thing I put up on all the new places on my new home. It makes me so calm.

I think I'm proposing to the piano, seems a bit more hard currency ... eehh! Enough with the self-pity.

Back to West Side Story..........

First, we have a 2 new player that will play Anita and Bernardo. Serious and good people ... Weny as Anita and Ingmar as Bernardo .... feels damn good.

After the chaos, I have learned to structure better so that others can understand and not just me. You always learn something .... hehe.

WSS will continue and more info comming........its time to put on TV .....its Hockey WM .
Yes my favorit sport!




Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely