Friday, 12 April 2013

Yes I know it's Friday now........

I forgot to take pictures of the rehearsal, but I have a few actors to upload photos on today.

Some are still missing but they will shaw up ! First.....


Micael Aboubakar has turned down the show because of all Dj job he feels needs to be done.

But I thank you Mic for your participation and good luck with DJ work.

At the same time we got a new actor Ingmar88 (photo as soon as possible) I think also he's Norwegian, so it was a perfect replacement. Welcome Ingmar88!

Alfdeejay=Officer Krupke

Our eminent music director is Alfdeejay which feel very promising, and back-up by rultan Zeplin .. hurray! He also have a small part in the show Officer Krupke....the moste happy and fun scene in the show.

Next actor is Anybody one of the
is charlotte Rhino which makes me very happy, because Lotta has participated in previous shows as Cabarè etc. thogether with rultan Zeplin and knows the SI show operates. Welcome Lotta!
Still missing Garziella, Bernardo Pepe and Indio. Comming up next time!
One of the scene Highway where the Rumble is in progress.

keep going we do!


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