Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ohh now it was a long time ago ......

but now .. it will happen many things ......!

This  CLUB included stripping and lapdance probably was not my thing after all.
In boxes with all the stuff from the Chat Noir .. for the future, who knows, I might become a bordello mother laters?

But now I've found a new project and managed to get me 15 Avatars to dance and copy / paste in chat .... there you are!

We will jointly set up a MUSICAL!



Clearly it can be done!
The nice thing is that we have a proliferation of players from all around Europe and the U.S..
Scen 1 Director her self.

Assistent director rultan Zeplin = Maria (Sweden)

Tony= Gertjan koenkamp (Holland)

Riff=Loungelion Beaumont (Sweden)

Consuelo=Em Arabello (Norway)
Pepe=Micael Aboubakar (Norway)

Vilma= Loo Berensohn (Sweden)
Chino= Danne Guardian (Sweden)
Rosalia= Dorina Landar (Hungary)
The other Diesel, Graziella, Anybody, Bernardo, Indio and Anita .... will be presented on Thursday.
One more thing .... all the actors will invite you to a sponsor group for the audience, so just take the group if any active invite you.
The sponsor group are !!Off-Broadway!!

and of course, we need all of you dear audience to feel that what we do is appreciated! ..
Thanks in advance.

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