Tuesday, 31 December 2013



And now it's time for the 2014

I wish you all ------

in swedish


(and I believe before 2013 is over, my Pagesveiwer will reach 10000. Now, in this hour of writing,  there is 9980, absolutely amazing.Thanks all readers for your curiosity and welcome back 2014).

Monday, 30 December 2013

Hangovers .... never but a really nice party ...!

 My dear readers, this was all the pictures I managed to photos during the evening, just this
Anyway, the most important was who won the Contest ...... and Selma did...
 Selma Congratulations!
 Sev came second and Fia third Congratulations to you all.

DJ rultan & Fia
it became a really busy evening. Ty all!

Object-Name: Professional Welcome 2013-12-30
Region: Caitlins Shores (233216, 328960)
Local-Position: (72, 77, 21)

You had a total of 62 visitors on the last 24 Hours.

Partial Visitor List of 62 total visitors .


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Now Christmas is over, and we look ahead .....!

Our 'hideout", where we plan and talk, yes sometimes a little cuddling ...mjaauu!

In deep meditaion
The moon and darkness
Nehe ... smile what we are planning, a PARTY of course.
Again, I have been in need of my dear friend Rultan Zeplin to work out a 'poster' for the party....

Several of you who have visited earlier parties in my house, have probably listened to Noma before. She is a fantastic rock / blues singer ...... better came over and enjoy the moment.
The hour before she makes entre is time to take a tour around CN and discover all the amazing rooms available to visit, when ever you want, but given the way, it's better to be two inside the rooms. Provides more dividends ..... muuuahhh.

Dont forget to dress up in glittering, sparkling, brilliant outfit-Use all your amagination. See You Sunday......!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

God Jul till er alla & Merry Christmas to you all!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Changes at Club Le Chat Noir?

The large lounge has been changed, because I found a wonderfully stylish Pole Dancing for 4 avatars  under a beautiful Baldakin.

A nice poledance
 this one is for Duel, man/women or 2 similar.

And this is my "favo" Trapeze, will be fun to test with the audience ....... smile!

It's so much fun that you can try out in Second Life, which we never (I think) ever think of trying in RI? Or?
Nah... step into the "fog" and test. We only live once, imagine sitting in retirement home and regret things you'd like to try, but never did it keep it going.

Table dance room
Romance room for lovers

(Kama Sutra is the standard work for six in Sanskrit literature in India. Administration's full title is Vatsyayana Kama Sutra, which translates to "Aphorisms on Love, by Vatsyayana." This book is believed to have been written sometime between the first century BC)

You see  hehehe........  (Landmark in my profil ).

No to bigger things......................

PRE-PARTY before N.Y.E at Club Le Chat Noir.

DJ Rultan Zeplin
Hostess: Ewa & Andreas
and my nice guest NOMA FALTA rock/blues singer from USA and she have been in Sl from 2007, and first time I was lissen to a live singer, was Noma. She is outstandig, real Rock`N Roll, for sure.

Noma Falta
and dress up in something sparkling and glittring. Contestboard 500l for best outfit.
Welcome....make my day ok!

Hugs! (ohh I have 9.699 blogreader up to day, maybe there will be 10.00 before 2014)

Friday, 20 December 2013

It became a lovely party.......!

 and thanks you all! some nice picture from Theater Off-Broadway aditorium.
The Band Chat Noir

DJ rultan, Ingmar and Stella

Mia and Jonny behind enter the party

Jasmine , Miss Apmel, Babi & Dorina

Jean Munro piani player

Fantastic creation

evac the winner of contest......congreate !

Ursh, Miss Apmel, Loo & Lången

Weny woooww and Mr arnulf1

Fia & Ob
 and the evening ended inside the neighbor's door to Club Le Chat Noir ......... Mansion, where some of our male guests ended the evening to embellish the evening for us women (Mansion is a strip club where men dancing naked on the pole which is a lovely way of sight for us women ) ...... hehe no photos from this time of night ...... muuuuuuahh!


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas bal.........!

The Christmas decorations are ready for the big Christmas-prom!

Theater auditorium
 Now it's just you dear guests who will be missing fore Thursday. Jump into your most beautiful sparkly dress, or tie and share this prom-night with DJ Rultan Zeplin, Jean Munro, Andreas Datura and me.
Jean starts playing 1pm so you have time to join a tour around Club Chat Noir, open all the doors go up the stairs and find what gives for pleasure,
it's for all tastes. Cordially invited !


Sunday, 15 December 2013

The dark season in Sweden ......... then we need happy entertainment!

so it turned out.
Kicki Spingflower arranged an prom before she was to take a break and look after their children!
Yes it's soon Christmas Holiday ....... smile!
It was an evening bubbling with shades of red. Lots of avatar who dance and gossiped in chat.

Kicki & Jonny

Mer, Jasmine and lady in red
the last enthusiasts

 Tks Kicki for a nice evning between my crashes.

 As I said earlier, we people from north need a lot of s joy and light in the Decembers darkness. Anyway it's almost the 21th December when light turning back, slowly but always something ...... nice!

Be my guest at Christmas bale 19 December 12.30 spend some hours whit DJ Rultan, piano player Jean, Andreas and me, for the joy of Christmas time.



Friday, 13 December 2013

The 13 December is meant Lucia in Sweden.........!

This image is from the SI in 2007 where, among other things, Blanche Argus is luciamaid with charlotte Rhino and myself. This is from the disused sim Swedish Resource Sim.

Happy Lucia to you all! 

Back to present.
  I promised some final images from the "house of pleasure" here you are
Table-dance room

Extrem bed whit all you can think of....

Kamasutra rug and other things for fun
My private room
Do remember all this room and "play-thing"is up to your self and your partner. You decide and everything is free, but do not forget to tip the host people or venue. Thanks in advance!

Remember Thursday 19 at 21.30 the big opening night of Club Le Chat Noir and Christmas bale in Theater Off-Broadway aditorium.

We start at 12.30 pmslt (21.30cet)  when DJ Rultan play nice musik for us and 1pmslt its time to be entertained by pianist Jean Munro, she will play beautiful carols while we're dancing in Christmas.

after Jean has entertained our guests, we move over to Club Le Char Noir and amuse us with dance from DJ rultan or visiting the different rooms, now is the time for Pleasure!
If time gives Andreas and I will do the "Erotic Dance" (on request) for you.
 Dresscode: Formal



Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Club Le Chat Noir start to take shape.......!

Before the inauguration 19th December of  "NEW" Club Le Chat Noir, (house of pleasure), I will give you a little picture information, which I hope will trigger your lust.
One of the Lap-dance room

Massages for all pleasure
Bath for more the one cople

Sauna whit effects
Soft BDSM room and whit "fucktraning bed"
Club lounge
this was a small selection of "House of Pleasure" in a few days you will have more room to peek at.
Theater Off-Broadway
If you feel that this whit "pixel sex" is just nonsense,  the theatern Off-Broadway gives out a different and cultural experience. A taste for all directions!


Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely