Thursday, 26 December 2013

Now Christmas is over, and we look ahead .....!

Our 'hideout", where we plan and talk, yes sometimes a little cuddling ...mjaauu!

In deep meditaion
The moon and darkness
Nehe ... smile what we are planning, a PARTY of course.
Again, I have been in need of my dear friend Rultan Zeplin to work out a 'poster' for the party....

Several of you who have visited earlier parties in my house, have probably listened to Noma before. She is a fantastic rock / blues singer ...... better came over and enjoy the moment.
The hour before she makes entre is time to take a tour around CN and discover all the amazing rooms available to visit, when ever you want, but given the way, it's better to be two inside the rooms. Provides more dividends ..... muuuahhh.

Dont forget to dress up in glittering, sparkling, brilliant outfit-Use all your amagination. See You Sunday......!


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