Sunday, 1 December 2013

I should be happy .. but I can not!

Some day`s ago the SEX- house was finished, everything installed.......then things happen. Much depends on myself, I din`t pay attention. Moderate! .... Sim is Moderate. I can not put up Club Le Chat Noir with those wonderful sex toys. All over time I have rent plot at "adult , full perm sims" Jerk!
CN is gone I have to find a Adult sim.......

 I feel like a trash and ignoble, I know lots of people wud agree.

Quite strange in a way, that I have the stamp in SL versus RL, where I estimated for my helpfulness and warmheartedperson and not be seen as an idiot and a bearer of a terrible mood, very stranges. Either that people in SL are hiding behind their facades and acting out then in RL or something else, I do not know, I belive I`m same person in both world.
Anyway it's not that way I am. Clearly I step on some toes, sometimes with my actions. But I never sneak or go behind the back of another avatar. Of couse it hurts to get opinions thrown in my face, then I say to myself never look back or dwelling of old crap. I feel this is a piece of "Déjà vu".
Do I have experienced this before?..hmm...

 I`m glad I have the ability to move forward. Soon we are getting closer to a New Year and with new good conditions.
Time to look for a new sim "Adult" this and put up my Chat Noir again. Whit "auto-confisio" I will continue my work with Off-Broadway theater and WSS, which remains at Buisness District, a good business sim, with large flows.
This is what i like............


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