Sunday, 22 December 2013

Changes at Club Le Chat Noir?

The large lounge has been changed, because I found a wonderfully stylish Pole Dancing for 4 avatars  under a beautiful Baldakin.

A nice poledance
 this one is for Duel, man/women or 2 similar.

And this is my "favo" Trapeze, will be fun to test with the audience ....... smile!

It's so much fun that you can try out in Second Life, which we never (I think) ever think of trying in RI? Or?
Nah... step into the "fog" and test. We only live once, imagine sitting in retirement home and regret things you'd like to try, but never did it keep it going.

Table dance room
Romance room for lovers

(Kama Sutra is the standard work for six in Sanskrit literature in India. Administration's full title is Vatsyayana Kama Sutra, which translates to "Aphorisms on Love, by Vatsyayana." This book is believed to have been written sometime between the first century BC)

You see  hehehe........  (Landmark in my profil ).

No to bigger things......................

PRE-PARTY before N.Y.E at Club Le Chat Noir.

DJ Rultan Zeplin
Hostess: Ewa & Andreas
and my nice guest NOMA FALTA rock/blues singer from USA and she have been in Sl from 2007, and first time I was lissen to a live singer, was Noma. She is outstandig, real Rock`N Roll, for sure.

Noma Falta
and dress up in something sparkling and glittring. Contestboard 500l for best outfit.
Welcome....make my day ok!

Hugs! (ohh I have 9.699 blogreader up to day, maybe there will be 10.00 before 2014)

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