Friday, 20 December 2013

It became a lovely party.......!

 and thanks you all! some nice picture from Theater Off-Broadway aditorium.
The Band Chat Noir

DJ rultan, Ingmar and Stella

Mia and Jonny behind enter the party

Jasmine , Miss Apmel, Babi & Dorina

Jean Munro piani player

Fantastic creation

evac the winner of contest......congreate !

Ursh, Miss Apmel, Loo & Lången

Weny woooww and Mr arnulf1

Fia & Ob
 and the evening ended inside the neighbor's door to Club Le Chat Noir ......... Mansion, where some of our male guests ended the evening to embellish the evening for us women (Mansion is a strip club where men dancing naked on the pole which is a lovely way of sight for us women ) ...... hehe no photos from this time of night ...... muuuuuuahh!


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