Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A year renewal of Andreas and my first date...September 2013

Clearly there is a love between us, even if it may seem abrupt at times.
Sometimes we called ourselves for Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, and is probably the truth concordant.

But you can say this ....... We never feel boring and we are never blasee at each other. If this is fruitful or not, we dont know no...........anyway it feels good!

My present from Andreas

On mountain hight
Handkiss after we read our vows

Restaurang a lovely place

Restaurang Bar

After dinner we had a romantic dance at Frank`s.

But apart from that, our Renewal was a wonderful event and with many wonderful words.
 Ty my love for a wonderful evning. Love you Andreas!


Monday, 23 September 2013

West Side Story .... we need a new DJ!

Unfortunately, DJ Rultan resignation as a disc jockey for the musical West Side did make me feel a bit sad after all this time we've worked together on various projects, such as the Viking show, Lilli & Susie, Joe Bonamassa, Timi Your and our last WSS.

But I can understand her. Sometimes you have to prioritize and I know rultan Zeplin have much to stand in. Especially with the Sim Reykja she shares with her beloved man "Alfen" and Disco place Svampen placed Yadkin, Rumpan Bar, Avalone, midwife work etc.

I want in this way send rultan Zeplin a big "thank you" so much for everything she has dedicated her time to forfill my projects.You was awesome.

For me......
it has been time of reflection and I spend my time playing the Devil Non machines to think what I'm doing. Is it feasible? I needed this time to recover.

Yesterday I won the 4000 l wooww
But gratifying to note that all the players want to continue, and so we do.. We practice every Wednesday as long as before. And we are all convinced that a DJ will eventually show up and share our interest in theater in Sl.

What has also changed is that I have taken up the old theater that we can use if we are going to do to go on tour around sl.

Old Theater

The final scene

The Show must go on........!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Visit to the entertainment and amusement center

On Monday, I got LM to a amusement parks  ... and course we wanted to visit it Andreas and me. You are never too old to enjoy themselves in different carriages or compete in pentathlon  to see
who receives the most points.

I grew up in Stockholm, and every year my family had Five-pentathlon at the amusement park when the park opened in mid-April for a long back in time.
I never dared to go on these fears chasing machines that spun around and up / down.
So it was with great delight I dared ride in Second Life ... love SL!

oh yes, I crashed my car and a fire poofff

I understood that Andreas driven bumper car before hehe

of course he crashed me all the time so my head was flying around like a merry-go-round..... luckily we were on an amusement park. smile



  tried also throw-swing muwwahhh

Andreas tested horse ..... but I do not think he got further than this ... definetivt no Rodeo anyway!hehe..

.........and the day ended just like amusement parks stay in RL ...... I munched on candy-floss.... but whit the difference I did ride on all the things!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

VERNISSAGES on last Sunday...

Now it´s done. The vernissaget and it went better than expected .......... thank you all for coming.

A little faux pas was it anyway ..... and it was my own fault.

I often use Linden
Lab's Information Centre in Search, which is excellent. And sometimes I have wondered why it has not been placed on the map with its symbol as I expected.

Hehe.. now I know ...... the time difference .... papello cabesa (in Spanish) dimwit, of course.
And clearly was the symbol throughout Monday ...... eh!

Here are some photos from vernissaget ...... Please enjoy.

Bock and Poa
2 of the models Ossa & Andreas


DJ rultan & Alfen

 all ...then i crach......huu! OBS! The exhibition is still going on until September 15th, so you have time to take a look!






Monday, 2 September 2013

We were invited to our new neighbors ...

Our neighbors behind the theater  Off-broadway on the Sim Serene Sand.

There was a very pretty organized party. First it was the renewal of their wedding vows.


Family Datura


Yannick & Curvy

Then, christenings  of there baby-girl

 and final dance, cake and all as it should be.

Tomorrow blog you will get information about the Art Erotic Vernissages.



Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely