Thursday, 30 January 2014

Intensive reheasal.......................

.............right now and until our premiere 22th February.
Now, all clothing have to be tested and text replicas in the chat has to work, with "copy and paste".

We practice nowadays Mondays and Wednesdays to put all in places.

Opning scene
Gertjan from Holland plays Tony one of the leadsroll

Weny from Sweden play Anita sharks leading lady

Bejiita from Sweden play Jets strong man Action

Babi from Germany play Riff the present Jets leader beside Tony

Lasse ( MrScareface) DJ and music arr                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Scene 12 The street place of death
12 last scene where Tony gets shot by Bernardo's second man and Maria`s prospective husband, decided by her family. Which she defied when her love for Tony shook her and the rest of the Puerto Ricans.

Ingmar from Sweden have one of the leading roles, he play Bernardo from Sharks

Scene 5 Bridal Shop in Act one Tony and Maria

Dorina is from Hungary and plays the heavy role of Maria together with Gertjan who plays Tony. They are very responsible people, just like everyone else in ansamble, everyone is doing a great job and always positive.

 Stella is our newcomer and we welcome her. She will primarily play Velma fiancée to Riff leader of the Jet. She will even do many diffrent caracters as we all have to do. Its amasing what we can do in SL This is great that you in matter of  secundes become a latino guy, or  what ever you like. 
 I love (great fun) it and I will play a big highway patrol cop McQueen. (One can choose their name for yourself, so why not use a name from one of my favorite actor Steve McQueen.)...yeaa!

So now you know why the blog comes so rarely ................... !
And the premiere is:
February 22 at 1pmslt or 21:00 cet. OFF-BROADWAT THEATER.
(Lm in my profil)
Places are limited so please get in touch whit any of our actors and reserve a sit, opend from February 3th.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

My curiosity about all crash occasions.........?

There was more, especially at times when the stream used.
I contacted one of my elderly and visae avatars in SL. And asked why.
LL is always difficult to get the answer from, maybe some language difficulties, in cases like this. Hard to explain the case in tickets, by return e-mail message, forward and back.

The person I asked, posed some questions to me. Do you have old PC, you have a lot in your invent and how many of your Friend list?

Whoops! Yeah pretty old Pc. Approximately 18,500 in Invent. and over 400 on friend list!
(Consider, now, I have been more than 7 years in Sl )........ hehe.
Ok, he answers ..... pull down to 1,500 in inventory. And Remove any you do not have direct conversations or contact with around 4-5 weeks back in time.
So, it will work better. Or buy a new PC.

neee not quite like this

 Now you know why.
I have this need now........ to have a good connection before the Musical West Side Story. For the premiere  Saturday February 22 1pmslt.

I'm here if you wish to give me an IM or otherwise.

Hug for you!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Ohh sometimes SL bothered me or my computer is getting old ...........

The lack of world
 See for yourselves ..... e .. not easy to be there and have a good time when all looks like this ........ awww

Wiz and some more friends

Andreas and myself

Wix`s bum........
 Mesh is not good for picture, Kicki has no legs, this allways happend. 
 When we arrived at Kickis bridge, was 2-3 completely naked .......... Sure, it might be nice. but perhaps not for the owner of Mesh - clothes. Mesh producers have brush up on their skills. 


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January is a month when Rezz-day are frequent......

Last night popped an old friend of mine down at the theater Off-Broadway. He told me this is his seventh (7) rezz day (he's almost as old as me) and of course we must celebrate his Rezz-dag.
Ob Almendros
Ob & myself
 All said and done, we emptied the Bar, everything the bar had to offer.............mmmuuuaaaaaaaa!

and was knocked out!

Today Wednesday. Hangover.....don`t now. But I know one thing, I will meet all my actors tonight. Welcome back I`ve miss you all.

See you tonight!


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

In the new year times parties are pouring.........

The last visit was at rultan, Snuffsan and Stella. Their Rezz-day party.
Rultan shared an very nice anecdote whit us, how this 2 ladies experiences in SL, how they met and how their lives came down. (Stella is Snuffsans alt)
I myself appreciated her story about me and Jesper (we ran Ishotelet) and I remember how they sneaked on Jesper and me, these two "ladies in crime," rultan and Snuffsan.
Very pleasant memories that popped up into my brain.

 Many heeded the call about rezz day, here is a selection of guests
The party place
Stella , NEO and Loo


The twins (Iendi and Selma)

Chap & Snuffsan


Rultan & Alfen
 Nice party thanks to you 3 ladies.

 Back to my problem.......
 He have been here five times, and he is banned by the owner, nothing help. I changes place, and I got a much cheaper

Tomorrow Wednesday West Side Story is staring the rehearsal , it.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Spontan Party.....maybee the best!

Many people who are lazy after Christmas and New Year's variety of activities need to move for sure.
All started with a little sigh in Swedish group IM side, nobody found a place to get together and dance. 
 Our everyone's good friend Apollo responded positively on the IM-debate and offered to open his club, previously. Up with DJ table up with dancing balls, lights and other accessories. 

DJ Apollon



AAke and his dame


two nice ladies

Ika & myself

Frosty & Rut

Kicki & Jonny

Apollo explosive floor that shot rockets now and then

Not in the picture is Selma & Sev who shuffling in a little later that evening.
Myself had a very enjoyable evening, not just rocket-popping floor the whole thing was a nice get-together in many ways.
Tks Apollon. 

On Saturday started Kicki up her Saturday parties, and tonight is the Rezz-party 5 years rultan and Snuffsan / Stella, can be fun. "Upload" for tonight it will be more partying.


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Januari 1st..........!

Franks place

Thank you honey for a great New Years Eve!

As we promised united, it will become more ......... kisses in quantities!



Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely