Thursday, 30 January 2014

Intensive reheasal.......................

.............right now and until our premiere 22th February.
Now, all clothing have to be tested and text replicas in the chat has to work, with "copy and paste".

We practice nowadays Mondays and Wednesdays to put all in places.

Opning scene
Gertjan from Holland plays Tony one of the leadsroll

Weny from Sweden play Anita sharks leading lady

Bejiita from Sweden play Jets strong man Action

Babi from Germany play Riff the present Jets leader beside Tony

Lasse ( MrScareface) DJ and music arr                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Scene 12 The street place of death
12 last scene where Tony gets shot by Bernardo's second man and Maria`s prospective husband, decided by her family. Which she defied when her love for Tony shook her and the rest of the Puerto Ricans.

Ingmar from Sweden have one of the leading roles, he play Bernardo from Sharks

Scene 5 Bridal Shop in Act one Tony and Maria

Dorina is from Hungary and plays the heavy role of Maria together with Gertjan who plays Tony. They are very responsible people, just like everyone else in ansamble, everyone is doing a great job and always positive.

 Stella is our newcomer and we welcome her. She will primarily play Velma fiancée to Riff leader of the Jet. She will even do many diffrent caracters as we all have to do. Its amasing what we can do in SL This is great that you in matter of  secundes become a latino guy, or  what ever you like. 
 I love (great fun) it and I will play a big highway patrol cop McQueen. (One can choose their name for yourself, so why not use a name from one of my favorite actor Steve McQueen.)...yeaa!

So now you know why the blog comes so rarely ................... !
And the premiere is:
February 22 at 1pmslt or 21:00 cet. OFF-BROADWAT THEATER.
(Lm in my profil)
Places are limited so please get in touch whit any of our actors and reserve a sit, opend from February 3th.

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