Tuesday, 7 January 2014

In the new year times parties are pouring.........

The last visit was at rultan, Snuffsan and Stella. Their Rezz-day party.
Rultan shared an very nice anecdote whit us, how this 2 ladies experiences in SL, how they met and how their lives came down. (Stella is Snuffsans alt)
I myself appreciated her story about me and Jesper (we ran Ishotelet) and I remember how they sneaked on Jesper and me, these two "ladies in crime," rultan and Snuffsan.
Very pleasant memories that popped up into my brain.

 Many heeded the call about rezz day, here is a selection of guests
The party place
Stella , NEO and Loo


The twins (Iendi and Selma)

Chap & Snuffsan


Rultan & Alfen
 Nice party thanks to you 3 ladies.

 Back to my problem.......
 He have been here five times, and he is banned by the owner, nothing help. I changes place, and I got a much cheaper

Tomorrow Wednesday West Side Story is staring the rehearsal , it.


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