Sunday, 5 January 2014

Spontan Party.....maybee the best!

Many people who are lazy after Christmas and New Year's variety of activities need to move for sure.
All started with a little sigh in Swedish group IM side, nobody found a place to get together and dance. 
 Our everyone's good friend Apollo responded positively on the IM-debate and offered to open his club, previously. Up with DJ table up with dancing balls, lights and other accessories. 

DJ Apollon



AAke and his dame


two nice ladies

Ika & myself

Frosty & Rut

Kicki & Jonny

Apollo explosive floor that shot rockets now and then

Not in the picture is Selma & Sev who shuffling in a little later that evening.
Myself had a very enjoyable evening, not just rocket-popping floor the whole thing was a nice get-together in many ways.
Tks Apollon. 

On Saturday started Kicki up her Saturday parties, and tonight is the Rezz-party 5 years rultan and Snuffsan / Stella, can be fun. "Upload" for tonight it will be more partying.


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