Saturday, 25 January 2014

My curiosity about all crash occasions.........?

There was more, especially at times when the stream used.
I contacted one of my elderly and visae avatars in SL. And asked why.
LL is always difficult to get the answer from, maybe some language difficulties, in cases like this. Hard to explain the case in tickets, by return e-mail message, forward and back.

The person I asked, posed some questions to me. Do you have old PC, you have a lot in your invent and how many of your Friend list?

Whoops! Yeah pretty old Pc. Approximately 18,500 in Invent. and over 400 on friend list!
(Consider, now, I have been more than 7 years in Sl )........ hehe.
Ok, he answers ..... pull down to 1,500 in inventory. And Remove any you do not have direct conversations or contact with around 4-5 weeks back in time.
So, it will work better. Or buy a new PC.

neee not quite like this

 Now you know why.
I have this need now........ to have a good connection before the Musical West Side Story. For the premiere  Saturday February 22 1pmslt.

I'm here if you wish to give me an IM or otherwise.

Hug for you!

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