Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Theater Off-Broadway actor........

First I like to welcome the new MUSICAL DIRECTOR Kicki Spingflower !

Kicki at Bollywood party
and her husband Jonny Bowler, who will play a smal part in the show......welcome!
A solid group, we have finally managed to put together a really good ensemble. It is the case with group dynamics to be or not to be.
People come and go to the group and eventually in time the group find itself in a strong self-esteem at the end.

That is exactly what has happened with our ensemble. Here's a presentation of the Off-Broadway `s players.This is the ensamble of the musical WEST SIDE STORY!
From left....

Jonny Bowler                   = Officer Krupke

Babilonto Karu                = Riff/ Doc

Weny Faxel                     = Anita/Garziella

Ingmar88                  = Bernardo/Doc/Diesel

Ewa Aska (my alt)   = Director/Diesel/Rosalia

Kicki Spingflower          = Musical DJ/Velma

Bejiita Imako                   = Action

Gertjan Koenkamp   = Tony (leading part)

Dorina Landar          = Maria (leading part)

Andreas Datura               = Chino

We still lack one smal part for one women and one smal part for a man. If you fell to be part of our Ensamble contact me.

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