Sunday, 16 December 2012

Does it sneaks in bushes ........?

YEAAAAAAAAAAAA ........ congratulations to "kommendorskan" and the "holy"!
I must say that this was not a moment too soon.

All the world hugs to you both from Andreas and me!

Iendi and Holy congratulations to your partnership....puss kram.




  1. Thank you Ewa and Andreas!
    It may have seemed as along time for others, but for us it was important to be private with it before we screamed it out to the world. Not that it was a secret to most of you.

    Now was the time to show it to everybody. And I know I can speak for both of us and say that this feels very right :)


  2. Thank you Ewa and Andreas.
    I can only agree with Iendi, it feels sooo right.
    12-12-12 became a very special day.
    And Iendi the husbands words could have been mine



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