Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A little reminder....................a JAZZ evning to visit!

Calling all friends, acquaintances and new arrives!

A little taste of twhat will happen on December 29 1pmslt, opening night for the new place "Club le Chat Noir."

Club le Chat noir

Put on your most beautiful dress or tuxedo. The contest-bord will hold on 1000l, so step inside and pluck around in your closets.

First up is a tribute to the beautifully singer Timi Yuro, and her wonderful voice and emotional songs.

After the show Discjokey Alfdeeyar will take over, and sweeps in tonight's tones in wonderful danceable Jazz.

Hosts for the evening are Dame Chat Noir rultan, Coordinateur Andreas and my self. We will do everything to ensure you'll have a wonderful evening with us.

Andreas, me, rultan and Alf

Welcome, all is clear, you will receive a private invitation with Landmark so you can find the Club.


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