Friday, 14 December 2012

Lucia in Second Life ...........

There is a long tradition of Lucia celebrations in Second Life.

The first celebration was at the Swedish Institute and those who held the levers were Belze the man from Dalarna and a Motala girl, (forgot her name). This was 2007.

PetGirl, charlotte, me and 2 more girls.

The same organizer and venue for the Lucia celebration in 2008.

Blanche, ?, me, dont remember but to the left charlotte Rhino

2009 Lucia Held at the Swedish Embassy, headed by PetGirl founder of the Swedish group of Swedish people in SL, which today has more than 2000 member support.That year It was also lit on fire on the stately Christmas goat (a real thing sm happens every year in the city of Gavle), bit of a shame.

Times change, and in 2010, I do not remember if there was any Lucia.
What I know is in 2011 did Kicki Spingflower arranged a beautiful Lucia tradition at the Yadkin sim.

So even this year Kicki again this year, to everyone's pleasure.Good work Kicki!

 Here are some pictures from the event.



and the real Lucia day (13 december)did we dance to Christmas carols on Club Avalon ... thanks Alf and rultan!
Apollon.....he must be Santa in this fantastic outfit.

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