Tuesday, 3 September 2013

VERNISSAGES on last Sunday...

Now it´s done. The vernissaget and it went better than expected .......... thank you all for coming.

A little faux pas was it anyway ..... and it was my own fault.

I often use Linden
Lab's Information Centre in Search, which is excellent. And sometimes I have wondered why it has not been placed on the map with its symbol as I expected.

Hehe.. now I know ...... the time difference .... papello cabesa (in Spanish) dimwit, of course.
And clearly was the symbol throughout Monday ...... eh!

Here are some photos from vernissaget ...... Please enjoy.

Bock and Poa
2 of the models Ossa & Andreas


DJ rultan & Alfen

 all ...then i crach......huu! OBS! The exhibition is still going on until September 15th, so you have time to take a look!






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