Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yep .... just so ............!

All troop members are clearly recognized by waiting for the premiere of West Side Story, until the autumn. All throughout the ensemble have done their homwork and know exact when and how, and in what manner they should make their entrances. What we need later are some repetitions to refresh your memory, no problem. They have all "lived" with WSS in over a year. Allmost once a week.
I have been in contact with lasse our musical director, he will inform us as soon as he has the ability and strength to do so ..... and our thoughts are with him.
In some way has to go on.

Allowing the ensemble to be completely inactivity's impossible. I introduced a new idee and they bought it ... glorious... We are starting a new musical ..... HAIR!
I think the time is right for a bit fuzzy, flower power, and overall long-haired men, dancing, dab of tambourines and to forget the outside world for some moment. (There are countries in the real world, which actually creates a reckless unrest against his neighbors).
Hair is a musical, with beautiful colors, great music and a story that even resembles the current situation ................. right!
Pick from Milos Forman film
 The major roles are obsessed, but do you want to be part of a great team .... please contact me via SL. Is always room for more.

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