Saturday, 10 May 2014

On the road agin................

Yeah, it's been quite a few days since I wrote last time.. As Willie Nelson sings in one of his best "hits" ..... On the road again!

A lot has happened in Second Life to tell. I would therefore like to take a look around and see if I can pass over some news for you.
First is Swedish Alf and rultan.
The bought Ienid `s sim Yadkin, a Swedish sim with old ancestry. Synchronizedt it with their previously purchased sim Gimli, it also belonged to "Kommendorskan (crust)".
Now these two swims equipped with a lot of mass hilarious diversions, such as fishing, camping site, Ban-golf, vatterlekar etc etc.

There are also hotel rooms for a cheap linden, if you want a hide awy for a

few hours of philosophical thinking or ... eh!
Yesterday.......last night..
I was to Disco owned by the couple, had the opportunity to take some pictures, between my back and logouts from Sl, (yes some of you probably remember I crash when I take the photo .... sigh).
Bit of spacecraft over the dance place.
Anileve, Fia, Lelle, Jazmine, Em
Linus, Jenny,Johan, Delfinnaaa
Kay Uggla
Bejiitai in a new outfit...nice Beji
 Kay, Ch?Steve
and here some photos of the surrounding area.

Ty you for a nice what is this? Al & rultan??
 I've heard that two become one, after a while ..... but is´t a bit to much...or?










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