Friday, 30 May 2014

Two ladies with an endless amount of "gossip".....!

Ideal time to meet, first because Rultan will make my poster for my afternoon party on June 7, and secondly, none of us were directly interested in searching a larger group of community.
In the same time I felt good to show off my new home .. where the party will be holding on June 7th.
First we started to smoke a little on the water pipe, to reach greater heights...wooww.

now tiptop to put on some Bollywood music, dance begins with quivering legs and head seemed to belong to another world .... muaaaaaaaahhh!

the water in the pipe sucks, and our mouths became dry, a bit strange when it was water pipe ..... lol.

does not her eyes  look a little shady ?

Time for some "green" tea

we were pretty exhausted from all the dancing, smoking, tea drinking and we felt like a moment on the terrace would be a good option now.
The sunset was brilliant when we were small talked, in the midst of our discussion came a message from Polle, "like some company?"
 Sure came over .... we said.
Clear Polle needed some "uppers", so we sent him down to get a good smoke.
The evening continued with some talk about old times, and ended with everyone went home to his or her place.....poffff offline. Night!

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