Friday, 16 May 2014

The Day of Sorrow...........

My thought was that since the last blog that deals with some bad things, I wanted to write about something nice and enjoyable.
But sometimes life is not always as you want

 I want to dedicate this blog to a little girl with great energy and spirit. "Sippan Cherry" SIppanCherry Resident. The owner of Cherry Tenants, Cherry Sailor Cherry, together whit Liz Cherry (Liz Kalinakov) och Ingmar

(Ingmar88 Resident).
She also ran the Cherry Town with her father lasse. Sippan was a clever, stubborn and thick skin girl in many respects. But when it came to its physical tendency, it was so much worse. She struggled through many difficulties and doctor visits. Come back as energetic each time, until now.

Sippan died a day ago because of the many severe complexities, and her the immune system could not cope with the complications

There are many who want to remember this happy, life-loving little girl, at the same time I want to give a thought to Liz, Ingmar which has in a long time worked by her side. These three persons met in another game before they discovered Second Life.
 I think and I like to say Sippan during their disease found a life that gave her joy along with Liz and Ingmar.

 I met Sippan trough Ingmar one of the actor in West Side Story musical. The whole ensemble and me, met her dad who is our DJ for musicalen. Exact equal are the daughter and father full of energy and spirit, so I understand what Sippan got his fighting spirit from.

 Now we all must give us time to mourn. Life can be unfair, when a 24-year old young girl has to leave us, but the memory will remain ...........
and we have to let time do its jobb.
Dear ones.. little girl!

(picture on Sippan in real is from Cherry Town)

Good Night!

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