Monday, 12 May 2014

Maybe this world is another planet´s hell?.......quotes by Aldous Huxley

This quote fits well into my thoughts during an evening when I visited a place for dancing, last week.
It was a strange welcome from the owner... eh!
Ewa welcome nice to see you ...... Ewa  Aska who has topped the patnerskap with men in SL. I was completely flabbergasted, but took it as a "man" .... smile. Am I????

Lucretzia Borgia

Something like Lucreztia Borgia .... no not really .. hehe. Perhaps Mata Hari ..... Nah did not kill my men .. or ... must see if everyone still plays in SL... hehe.
Maybe I should change the name to "Hellgerd" a woman from Ancient Tales and with the same character as me according to some in the SL.


But, I think I know the person concerned and hope it was a comment without thinking ..... but you never know.

 In SL, we can do a lot, and we can assume different forms, change sex, cheat, deceive, but we can fortunately never see what other avatars or RL people are thinking. Thanks God.
Just because we can hide behind an avatar or an alternate avatar, we have to be cautious. There's always IM to make their case in if we are frustrated about something, unfortunately, the chat is often use to embarrass other people. Bad manners!



  1. Maybe a person with bad self confidence who feels better when making fools of other?

  2. Yes rultan,can be that way.hugs!

  3. It might be an explanation but never an excuse for being rude to someone. Remember it is the silent crowd that let this happen time after time. I wonder when somebody will stand up and let the rude person know he/she did do something that is not acceptable.

    1. Yea Holy....i agree. Ty you for your suport.



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