Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I can feel everything is over...........

Now you may ask what is "over" ..... Well into relationship with a certain man in Sl, a good gentleman, a good lover, a good friend, BUT, sometimes it does not help .
  Although we called Sl `s" Liz and Rick "sometimes. Therefore, we went in and out of our relationship for almost 2 years time.

Liz & Burton
Yes we have had a wonderful time together, between turns, anger, infidelity, etc.
But now it's over. My ex boyfriend has rediscovered himself from his illness, now he feel as still going strong, and I feel really good. It also makes me feel immensely happy. I actually think I was a great help during his difficult time, perhaps, maybe using my proffestion in Rl.
In a way it feels a little weird to hear his words or sentence, "Ewa we still have to go along, and I want to feel the solidarity you have with (Robban your brother) in Sl. The community you have had so long together, without complications, whit him. I wud love that Ewa whit you!
What can a women anser to that?? Tell me


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