Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer last Blog.........

It ends as it should, whit a BBQ party. DJ Rultan is to be trusted, she is always well prepared and make a fantastic job.
We start whit some white foam

over to some Pink foam
Kicki, Liz, Lena and Ingmar


Lena & GJ

Linlugg and Sotlugg two dolls in a Swedish fairy tale .. or?

Danne, he did stripp to a minimal tanga after a short time...muaahhh!

Jake to left

Bock allways nice to have you here..hugs!

It was a small, but lovely crowd of avatars on my last season party.
Fully understandable to get people to log in to SL, the "Raptur of time".
The Withsun and Pentecost.
 I and a few with me, was very surprised when some chatting and declared themself´s to showed there stupidity of unaware this great Christian holiday, "what is Pentecost" in the "Swedish Group in SL". One may wonder what of a REAL WORLD they live in. Not by our contemporary era and calendar!
Now take Aska's blog vacation until September. Only if there is something extra fun, maybe we'll see.

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