Saturday, 7 June 2014

National Day ....... what a party ...!

It was a long time since I saw such a large group of dancing avatars, they all came to the celebration of Sweden's National Day, at Alf and Rultans place Avalon.
I did my best to take pictures of so many nice avatars as possible. And most were dressed in the Swedish national costume ....(help, I did not find my nationaldress in my inventory, put on something else)... Wonderful to see all waving in the dances with their flag.
Here is some evidence .......

Bejiita, Apollon and a lady on floor
a guy

Evning DJ Alf and Rultan
a scary Japanesee guy

Linus the evning host
Gustav & Hasina

the photographer with a great cavalier
good that I didn`t find my national dressbecause my cavalier came in tuxedos .....

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