Friday, 29 November 2013

Back to the Present and the Future....!

Yesterday Andreas and I and visited an EROTIC exhibition organizers Dorina (Hungary) and Babilonto (Germany) and viewed their creations reside in a skybox.

Many of you have certainly been in contact with eroiska pictures Kama Sutra, from Indian been copyed all over the world.
This exhibition was a bit in that direction. But the difference was that this artist is very famous, and worked during his time for Russian Tsar. Kama Surtra is older 500 BC.
(sometimes we think that present day sex is found by us .... bhaaa ( editors' note).


My understanding was that the artist was a master of detail, which is always rewarding to study in works of fine art.


some was realy erotic....
 Suddenly shouted Andreas after me ....... came Ewa over here, you can learn a lot how to handle a cock, was his comments ...... (hehehe just as I would not be able to pffff

-Look at this ...........??
I did not understand, what I saw was a brown screen? ..... I thought hmm is this is interesting? ...
-Don`t you see, this its fantasticdo,   smile and said Andreas
-No. I have
reback my computer, was my answer.
Andreas posted me the picture............

 hahha now OHH ....... giggle, now I understoodI understand what he ment..( I like the drawing when she puts her fingernail on top......yeaaaaa.(kidding).

 ...... and the evening ended with a dance along with Dj, guests and hosts Babi & Dorine ..... Ty both.

 I like to inform you about some Christmas bale ............. Thursday 19 December in the Off- Broadway theater. Drescode: Formal
and we will listen to a well-known pianist "Live" in Sl. Jean Munro. She often visited Ice-hotel, she has been off the SI for a few years and is back again. She will play
among others fine carols.
So make me happy and save the date for my event. Thank you!
More info will come closer to the day.


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