Monday, 18 November 2013

The Taming of the Shrew!

My current darling Andreas in this cyber world (and perhaps the man who managed to chasten my wild mood .. hehe) pointed out that you write to little about your own feelings and experiences.

Possibly he is right .. so last week when I turned 7 years in SL, November 12, quite a few years, I wasnot in mood for any party. This morning a felt better and I thought why not write a little history about these years.
Everything started when I had to stop working as a school counselor, because of a VIRUS that caused a chronic reuamtism.
One morning, I read in the newspaper about Second Life. My computer was fine so I logged in and signed up ... this was 12 November 2006.
Amazing ...... what fun .....
Safir & Me

Almost the first day I came to SL, I met Safire from Holland. We spent all day with swimming in the pool or sitting on chairs to serve one cylinder per 20 minutes ... lol, you might remember these dance pad? It was a hard time..!
When I logged during this time int was about 15,000 avatars online and 60,000 total at Sl.
I met a Swedish man Lukas Mensing who became my mentor, he had been in SL since its inception, in 2004 and he knew people who was involved building the first swims. Satorin was jumping in to SL he worked for TV4 and did reports about SL.Satorin was making a movie and I was an actor, playing piano on Lukas sim Alviso in this lovely dress I got from Lukas.Time is Januarai 2007.

Later I  met my later Sl sister charlotte Rhino.

Next was the Swedish embassy built by KTH in Stockholm (Royal Institute of Technology)

it was the grand opening, charlott and I was dressed in National costumes and flanked Carl Bildt (Swedish Foreign Minister nuvarand) when he cut the ribbon to open the connecting of the Embassy. All was sent on TV in Sweden and C.B had his own avatar. fun!

Next stepp I met Tour Spoonhammer, who was my teacher in the building, and at Alviso sim , we built a Viking exhibition. Very culturally and rewarding.

 Thor,charlott and me as Vikings.
same period Swedish Institute Center was opend by some guys, intention was to they help out all new swed`s first meeting to Sl.
They also did first S:t Lucia event in SL.

soon after  Lucia event I met my first husband in Sl Zingo Hax.(and he is not whit us any more in Sl or in SL. R.I.P.)
My dress was fantastic a Celtic outfit

My first married in SL Januari 27th 2008. And the hole wedding place was buld by charott`s good  friend Cha and the best builder in Sl what so ever.

 Ahh ofcause he is my friend of his party during this time,at Garden Beach Resort.

Satorin, charlott and me and more avatar

Zingo was psyiatri nurse and I terapuet, and we heard lots of avatr who get brooken heart,
we started a clinic for those in need in matters of the heart.

We had a castle, with Bdsm in the basement .. . lol (which I barely knew what it was during this time) we had children, Loki, one of the first baby who was born in SL.
Loke and mam


Stunning castle    

marriage lasted for 4-5 months. We booth moved away from etach other, bet become friend all our Sl time, and felt very lost.

Spend time whit friends, saw the first U2 avater on a french sim( they send U2 live on big Tv screen from France).
lots of avatar around 100 watching and I find a camera place.mmm not bad!

was Rp in Chateau de Versaille, where I met Swen for second time in Sl. His first ava was Goran, he lost his password, this is Swen Kronefeld.

I was bored for days. So bought myself a new land, on Mainland a winter sim, and started to build my first Ice-hotel.
All for this time, to be continued ..............



  1. Fun, Ewa! So many memories we have from this world.

  2. Yeaa Kandi, remember all the parties, exhibition etc etc. Was a good time.




Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
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