Sunday, 24 November 2013

Everglade, Omberg, Vadstena Castle

My new home was an apartment in New york Sim. And where I celebrated my 4th rezzdag. I remember Allo made ​​a nice invitation to me and many of the old Swedes from Tara Hill showed up and celebrated with me.
These wonderful people gave me a lot of human warmt and inspiration took off again. Time to build something again. I rent a quarter of a full sim, and Everglade was built up.

  Aww ... it was very boring neighbors who sabotaged and built up large barriers around their land .... the place was unbearable, so I moved.

I found a great simägare MrGigli and another good quarter SIM.Everglade was already consumed as objects ...... what now? Hmmmmmm.kanske something Swedish? View our beautiful country.
I live in RI on Östgötaslätten where Sweden as a country started long time ago. And  the surrounding area Omberg by Vättern beach is an experience in itself.


By the foot of Omberg around 1200 - century is the abbey Alvastra build, of course I have to try to build a copy ...... yeah.

 During this time, I got in touch with my good friend Gertjan, owner of Texel, where I rented a small plot in 2008.
We spent much time together, and were both interested in building.
The idea of ​​building and living together crept in slowly and we were soon in full swing to build a Swedish castle from the 1500 era and Gustav Wasa epoch, the Castle was owned by one of Gustav's sons.

 After Vadstena project was clear, we split up and Gertjan returned to his home and his tenants. I continued to build in the wall around the castle a Swedish historical setting. And was assisted by JonyBlade Codesmith to build a Viking ship. Where visitors could go and experience the Swedish history from the first crowned king of Svea kingdom ...Olaf Skötkonung.

 I was one with the Swedish Viking history and its Gods. I wanted more, explore more about Norse mythology.
Obviously, I amused myself by singular men every now and then between construction sites and visited quite a few parties.
Stoorm an aussie guy


Chillout nice greek man

Chill and I at Nana music evning whit moon dance.

Between all cozy beautiful men, I began to fantasize about my own Viking village.
And certainly it felt just that right ..... I will buld a a Viking. Yes!

 I did and  29th December 2011 it was opning-night!

to be continued........

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