Friday, 22 November 2013

Volunteering for Linden Lab...

Time rolls on and I was onlinea lot, just like now. From time to time I went to the Hub for all beginners, read the info boards of Linden `s news. Was asked to be a volunteer by Linden Lab.and help the new ones that came to Sl.
There were meetings at Linden sim and schedules of working hours, very educational and a fun job to take care of new arrivals.

I found many new friends, including Jesper, who wanted me as a judge in a picture-show. Obvious I said yes.

The 4 elements
contest was won by Second Renoir, November 3th 2008, a very resourceful production of the four elements. Lots of different parties started in SL,

Lotta and me at a Egypt Party

another was the "Pimp and Hor` s "which became the beginning of a 2-year relationship with Jesper.
Jesper as Pimp October 16 2008

 We got a sim together and I learned a terraforming from a good friend. I was scared at first, I was standing on the ground and he taught me to see this " ones and zeros" how computer worked. I learned to change the texture, see what the different values ​​mattered in height and length. Giant fun when I could terra, at last.
The time had come for my second rezz-day celebration  November 12. We decided to have a hospital as a place for the party.

Vi byggde .......        

Lotta,Izi, me , Jesper an a guy

Blance and Janne.

Kil, Lukas, Pitney and Izi

Annabella`s Punk Party                                                                                                                   

 There where party all over was fun....

Juniverse rezz-day party

The Icehotel idea popped up again after the hospital building,and just as I tought,d  Jesper liked to build We tore the whole Sim whit  Japanese objects away and construction began for ishotelet.

 Now came a time of great creativity, Icehotel and lots of diffrent events. We hired Cyr  to build the theater similarelike the real theater of Jukkasjarvi.
Cyr building the theater


Ice-dance jury Lotta Jesper and me  
The Ice-dance event was a good one,lots of fun.Very much mischief by The Evil Twins (Iendi & Selma) ... smile

Winner i think was Loo & LĂ„ngen............

We also started a competison for title "Ice-queen". A fantastic participation following year, 68 avatar, after the first coronation of. Ice Queen.

Snuffsan (Stella)

Christmas goat burning on the Swedish embassy December 13, which may stop this blog for today!Continued for 2009-10......hugs!

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