Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The cavalcade of my 7 years about SL ... goes on!

The last section ended with hiring
  land in Mainland to build what was my dream at that time "The Ice Hotel"
I was thinking
 I remember Cha and his beautiful sim, so I contact one of his builders, Cha himself was busy. Oly a man from Germany, he said yes, and so was the ice-hotel project started.

Oly was working on and I loitered me, came up with the idea to join in the "PLAY MATE" a contest and to earn a little Linden. Went well I'm one of those at the top, and suddenly realized that to win you need all of my friends put money while they vote .... ahh so ugly by the organizer. I jumped off!
Time is now July 2008. 
 Now the hotel was finished, time to decorate .... so much fun I had at. 
Blanche and I in chuch

Ice hotelet lasted for about a month .... the cost was enormous renting the plot. No revenue. ! I had only one choice, put down everything. Said and done, I picked up my things and left the place. What I did not know where, you have to "Abandon" reply to live the place .. I did not know ..... this cost me additional one month in taxes without being able to generate income.
This was the month of August, I have to make something up. I drove the motorbike at Motor World ..

Me on bike

I august I also became an active member of Gor. An unusual role playing game that is based on male dominance and that woman are utterly subservient. I was Kaijra (slave) to a Bookkeeper, a good man.

Tal, Admin, slave and me

  But there was a ADMIN .... a lady, dinosaur, we did not get along. I was too cocky, so she let her guard to whipping me to death ... hehe end of this party in Sl.

I died and left Gor
Admin & me
 My income was better, so I could hire a new little place. I finde Texel and a Dutchman named Gertjan. Nice guy. I invited my friends here to dance and mingle .... felt good. Being independent again and not naked any more .. smile.

Blanche, forgot his name and me
Izikael and me

Picture that you see behind my face she made it for my second rezzday, signed by Izikael Novi she was Danish, and to my great sadness went away very prematurely in life by a stroke . She was an artist, very talented , one thing made me happy. We met in Copenhagen in 2009 and had a lovely weekend together. You can imagine what was negotiated during this weekend together and  about 3-4 bottles of red wine ..muuuuuuahhh!

Just at this time, September 2008, I met again  (Lotta and me was Hostess at his renewal whit Butterfly and PG was priest) Swedish guy named Jesper Prinz.
to be continued .......


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