Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Anno 2013 .. one year with lot of occurrences......!

So I have come to this year's occurrences, and will be the last chorus review.
In order to continue to be employed to write about things in the present day.
I start as it should be with a resume about winter, and opning night of Club Le Chat Noir.

rultan & Andreas rehearsal

Time for some theater-think again, before opnings evening.
Rultan, Andreas and I started practicing on a three-man show, playback.

Unfortunately the opening night ended up being very disappointing for me, and I could only look forward to a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pull down Chat Noir.
 Sl can be really difficult to tackle at times,  couse of the absence of two of our mind. So much missunderstandings.
 A friend of mine rented a piece land of same place as me and built his hard-rock site. A nice guy from Norway.

Micael and me

 And I started
to build up Chat Noir. Andeas and I hade a smal flirt again, after one month absence. Chat Noir was ready for more events.

And one of the first parties was Mardi Gras, a fun night.

those who were left on overnight   

I had to cut down on the prim and found a fantastic new staircase and saved lot .
The next big event was St. Patrick's day, it was a celebration in green,

 Now it was time for a new show along with the my friend rultan Zepplin. We star to rehearsal. West Side Story!
I started to build up some stages.
People was comming and going as actors, at the end this people are still whit the musical, after 9 mounth`s.


All this actors are amazing, and we are making great progress. Should be really fun to drive this musical with these amazing personon ... thanks to you who have the strength and are equally glade on each repetition.

the show goes on............................................................................!
 (If anyone are concerns how it goes whit Andreas and me, I can add that we celebrated on October 6, our renewal of our vows. And one year of married. But we are becoming accustomed to all the ups and downs, so now we skip to be profile-partner for a while, it become a bad omen for, we are still together and ther are lots of love between us.)
Back to Present...........

Yesterday was a Re-opning of Char Noir, located next to the Off.Broadway theater...
rultan;Talisker, Kil

Andreas, Lix and Talisker

Fia DJ, Dorina and Babi

Gertjan, Ingmar, Bejiita, Lasse DJ for West Side Story and me

from now it will be as I said earlier ....... only present. I hope this historie about my 7 year have been a good reading.

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