Saturday, 23 November 2013

The most creative time in my SL life....!

..... this period extending from summer 2008 - autum 2010.
I was a member of the rock band Hots Rock led by Cheliux a frenchwomen, we did playback on famous songs and my assigned role was Tina Turner.
Fantastic fun.
This provided inspiration for Jesper and me to start our own band, ABBA .". We rehearsed in the ball-room on Ice hotelet. Provided an "alt"and ABBA became complete.
We tour around the SL from Moscow to London and there is a video that Fanfan recorded when we appeared at her and Fury `s sim. (she is fantastic at doing video, hope she can do the film West Side Story when it is ready for a tour).
Time passed and we felt that something new is needed ...... a new input.
We re-built  the sim took away Ice hotelet. Built up the Stockholm City Hall.
Stckholm City Hall
And found a new theme for a new musical. Gave such a "kick."
Cabare ...... wilkommen, welcome, well you know the music. A number of avatars, Lotta, Annabella, rultan multi angagerade in our musicals.
Hair-musical was next project and Aake and all the ladies who participated in Cabare,join the musical.

Do you remember "the Evil Twins" they was around and interfered everywhere ... (smile). Our patient took absolute end at last. It fought on the ice skating rink,

 they fought over everything. So in the end we did a "the coup" which meant that the Valborg-night (April 30) in Sweden time to burnt witches at the stake. Now it was time to interrogate these two evil twins ...... hehe.

 Spring 2010 was the time to re build the sim. We were both in love with the Irish tradition, so why not build an Irish sim. Whit soft green hills contrasting to Ice hotelet and the brick-lined State House.

Our home
Blanche one of our tenants
many of our friends rented small cottages and Sim lived up really proper. Maybe the best period in SL history

The chuch of Tara Hill

Square of Tara Hill, where we also had a lecture about ancient cultures and their symbols. Lecturer was my old friend from the Netherlands former filosofo lecturer Herman he also doing publishes philosophy lessons in the SL. where I met him the first time.


I also built a skybox above Tara Hill, for my ballet studio where we practiced some of my friends and me. Still, I have all the material for a ballet preformence left in the inventory box. And who knows, right now it's West Side Story that occupy my interests. Ballet idea is still there, dancing to famous pieces og opera.... !

October 31, 2010 came Tara Hill and Connemara to an end, for various reasons, still I want to say more than two years of amazing experiences.
Everything has an end be continued .......

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