Monday, 25 November 2013

Vikings............ a musical started! Anno 2012

Viking sim and its capabilities began swirling around in my head, thanks to one of my oldest friends who have returned to Sl after a shorter period in RL, Sandhya2 Partel (USA), a sculptress who worked and maked lots of exhibitions  in Sl.
She informed me that she found a way at making music, "you must listen to this Ewa and say what do you think. She send by Skype.
Ohh fun, it sounded good. I asked, can you compose everything?  Yes replied Sandy.
I want to make a Viking musical, you can do the music for it? ......Yes I can was Sandy`s answer.

This was the start of a musical about the viking`s Nors. (God`s).
Public Info before eatch scene made by Iendi who also was musical DJ.

Oden (Gertjan and his wife Frigg (Ewa)

Thor (Peppe), Sif (rultan) Loke (Andreas)

Idun ( Pirkka) and Loke (Andreas)

Midgard Serpent-Loke (Andreas) and Thor (Peppe)
Fenrisulven -Loke (Andreas)

Loke (Andreas)and Heimdal (Gertjan)
Heimdal (Gertjan)killed Loke (Andreas)

Peppe, Pirkka, Iendi,Ewa, Sandy, Andreas and Gertjan
After the premiere, we had one big party that lasted for seven days (lying now).
 and we did a play than some sim owned by Miranda.

I remember the end of this party..........04.00   there was tre girls dancing and
 felt very good  be couse the play went well. Wont tell you

Lägg till bildtext


After dinner
The big party time was going on......

Rultan`s new Cow boy place

Nice April-dance whit herman

 Polle a good man I had a nice and warm time together whit him and  he was a good driver.

Two in a tent
Aake reading stoty`s

Now the show really taken off in rultan and me. We did two shows, 
Lili & Susy and Berth Heart with Joe Bonemassae, with respect of 
 we have performed, at Happy at his blues club

Lil & Susy

Lägg till bildtext

sometimes picture talk better then words..................

Andreas and me

Andreas invited me to a wedding for some of his friends ...........  
maybe it was the prelude to a little flirt ....? 

also a Japanes bath???

Rest "Unter den Linden"
We traveled around a lot in SL uring September and visited Berlin, 
 where I was thrown out of my was too short about that! smile!
We get engaged in October........


Andreas and me

Sriper from Forbidden Club

Andreas stripping
We got married ............ (first time) 13 November 2012 and  
are still married at the time of writing, with the exception of a little break now and then .....
  to renew our burning love .. yes .. good!


I dont think we evet forfet this evning at Alba sim.

to be continued ...... 2013 ......

(I know I have to check my blog.setting)

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