Tuesday, 28 May 2013

West Side Story Act 1 is taking shape ..

Tomorrow Wednesday will be additional exciting, because it's like this.
Some of the good players are so amazing and stop by the theater and rehearsel for their own
Hug to you. .. awersome!

Then a little more encouraging news.

First I want to introduce the new member  Beragon Betts role one of the Jets gang, Diesel!
Coming from Texas, and will be a great compliment to Vawes who is from NewYork, anyway, they are both from the other side of the Atlantic.

Beragon Betts
We, or rather I have been a caregiver, Neofrost Steampunk from Sweden.

 Who has good experience in amateur theater in RL, he will give me feedback and other suportande data for the show in future.
Feels infamous nice to have some extra besides me and my best Music Managers Rultan.


Welcome both of you.

For you Actors, toworrow we will train on the scene 5 + 6. I send all information you need today.
A little fun and a curiosity? Do you ever play GREEDY naked with a friend ..... hehe? I have!
I lost, have to beat him later ..... smile!

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