Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Complete chaos............muuuaah!

Sometimes it just does not work, as you wish. Everything becomes weird.
Then you might wonder why is that, yourself?
Or maybe it is life that affects you and makes that you are not focused?
Last night was such a night when everything went wrong with the run in the musical. This was not the players or someone who not did appeared, but the directing builder herself.
Maybe I can blame a small part on the discovered that two of the leading role holders chose to spend the afternoon together in a very intricate manner, which came to my attention, and I lost focus.
After all Im a simple avatar with "full rights" of emotions.

But .. but ..... there will always be something good comming out of each  chaos. It`s also happened this evening.
For that reason, I realized we need much more time, and got large agrees from the ensemble.
Which means we will be adding the premiere in early fall and do a much better job, because it is my greatest conviction that this will be something special for Second Life.

Whats makes me a little sad is the job of finding a new Bernardo and a new Anita for these two roles.
If you have the feeling to join this good team  and be a part of this play...please let me know or rultan Zeplin.
All we need from you is Wednesdays √©vning for rehearsel between 21.00-22.30.


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