Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Easter fun at Chat Noir............!

Go to Chat Noir  and enjoy some Easter fun outside the club! Open from today to the 2nd Apri

Peep race track
Bring with your friends and compete with them to see who wins the  Peep race.

Peep horse
or you can all dance together in Bunny Hope......


do jump with bouncy bunny......and Intean dance ball is outside if you like some ordinare dance...all is up to your self........have fun!


I love Easter and its food and SNAPS very much......Here you can read my favorite shot ...!

Not only crayfish kräfva these drinks. Midsummer, Christmas and Easter - snaps are always there for company, even without crayfish. Try making your own shot - it's easier than you think.
Schnapps has a long Swedish history. Filled with drama and myths. Many traditional varieties snaps and flavors available to choose from. You can also find recipes on their snaps and suggestions on flavors.
Previously it was thought the snapsens healing effect. At earache poured schnapps in the ear. When abdominal pain in my stomach. Often they took a shot as a precaution. Plain was also a drink to wake up, one at the coffee break, lunch, break, dinner and finally a shot to fall asleep.
Not so anymore. Today we have only bad "ölsinne" as they say, on Fridays and holidays. As midsummer. Was no drinking too much before there was only one cure - liksupen - to drink alcohol with flavor in a corpse a few days. So take it easy ...

Homemade bitter with wormwood. Wormwood is a kalssisk aquavit spice that gives nice color and mellow bitterness. As a medicinal herb, the wormwood tradioner back to the Greeks, most against stomach problems. Wormwood contains thujone which is said to have been used to absinte and affects the nervous system. Further flavored with wormwood also vermouth.

In the 1800s a Swedish drank an average of 46 liters of spirits. Prices were low and one in ten households had a home distillation apparatus. To reduce the happy drinking was introduced ration book. A rather unfair system where highly respected people got the spirit of "representation" as it is so well named. Others had to save for months to be able to invite to a party. When you think about it has not so much changed.
Food and drink do not have the same status as before. Sooner boasted man "guilds" with a lot of booze and sumptuous table. Today we have cars, houses and boats to show up. But the Swedish midsummer traditions we celebrate anyway with pride. So come on, do not worry about buying a new car - bid on good food and drink instead of good friends. Source: Eg Wine & Spirits Historical Museum.

Glad Påsk!



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