Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Information about upcoming events ......

At the SVAMPEN(the mushroom) tonight playing DJ rultan lovely 1960 Century songs .. like "Strangers in the night "... or Chris Baber "Petite fleur", put on your mini skirt a la Mary Quant and hairstyle ........ yeaaaaaaa..... (LM in rultan Zeplins Profil.

Dragon Lairs Friday at 1pmslt or 22:00 so do HOTSROCK another attempt to do the show.We hope no greifers will destroy this time.

DJ Michale Adoubakar
Host: Ewa Aska
(Guaranteed HardRock and Metal ... pfffff. But I will do my best .... put on my headphones with comfortable balader .. kidding)

Sunday March 17 St. Patrick's Day at Chat Noir! 12pmslt/21.00cet.

DJ rultan
Host: Ewa
and lots of Irish music mixed with other tunes.
( couple-ball is loades whit with River Dance ....... so try)


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