Friday, 30 August 2013


Ehh .. during  this leave from West Side Story, I was inactivated.
I had just purchased a Photo Studio and played with it. Then I realized  combine business with satisfied... why not make an exhibition with SL avatars in different poses.
Sl's full of "pornographic" photos so I thought I should do a different type of photo poses with avatars.
Something different, more romantic and perhaps beautiful. A viewer who want or can give fantasize as using my photos.Said and done, I contacted friends of mine and they were all interested.
It was taking lots of photos and you can take alook at Sunday, you are welcome to view my work.

Exhibition lasts for 14 days from 1st-15th September. just arrived when you have the urge!
However, it VERNISSAGES 1st September at 7am/slt.
Hostess: Andreas and Ewa.

We are offered champagne, beer and canapĂ©s. Place of mingling to sexy tones of the DJ RULTAN.

Exhibition place on Serene Sand sim
Welcome! Sim opend Sunday!

(If  you dont have LM so opend my profile under  PICS and take Off-Broadway and walk across the channel. Some of the avatr like to be anonymous.)


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