Thursday, 13 June 2013

West Side Story.............!

Now it's summer, wonderful time ...we all need to get a lovely sun to shine on us and give us a lot serotenin for properly handling the long dark time in here in the North.

Therefore, we have only one rehearsal left before our holiday and it is next Wednesday 19 June.

I must commend the amazing staff belonging to the core group of the theater ensemble .. You are amazing!

This trust you give me, to injoy every Wednesday`s rehearsal, I will definitely remember for the future, and "winnowed will chaff from wheat".
This is the way...... even if you have a small role it`s the entirety of the utmost that count, so it is in everything!

I continue to be inspired to the future and will adapts musicals or plays that suits the solid ensambeln.
Rultan and I already have things going on for Christmas.

But now to WSS here comes some pictures from the rehearsal yesterday .. and those who are going on vacation ..... have a wonderful time .......... kiss and hug.

Stages 1
Opning stages starts Jets and Sharks dancing..........( Bejiita Rultan,Babi,Gertjan, Bernardo=Ingmar and Dorina are testing some anima).
Action=Bejiita and Riff=Babi dancing 2 of the Jets

Stages 2 dialog about a party for the evning.. Riff=Babi and Tony=Gertjan
Maria=Dorina and Anita=Weny in the braidelshop makeing weddingdresses
stages 5 Bridalshop when Tony and Maria sings the song One love.
stages 6 at the Drugstore

dancing on stages 6 are Ewa, rultan, Bejii, babi, Weny Dorina and one of the Shark girls Conzuelo=Em .
all for now.......have a nice day!

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