Sunday, 16 June 2013

What a music with amazing rhythms...........

Wonderful job DJ rultan .....

We danced to your music rhythm, breasts shaking while asses riste, inspiring to see ......... this must be done again.
Babi and Dorina

Lena and Tor dripped past so did Herman with lady

Misty from Asia

Babi and our lovely DJ rultan
hmm she sat mainly and smoking hookah!!!!

 Ingmar in a fantastic outfit watched a long time the beauty in white and gold .... Commodore Iendi.

Yeeeeeeaa .. finally I got all the slaves in place. Dancing to my whip single flick..hehe.
 They trained for the market .. so high a price as possible for the slaves was my goal ......... everything has a price or what ?... giggle
just look at their shakes ... Woowww!

later in the evning I got assistance by Ashok and Em ........
So my readers, I and the blog will take a vacation until the beginning of August. If nothing worth seeing happening in Sl, then clearly I write about it. Thanks for this spring and we'll see you soon.

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Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely